January 20th, 2020

Funky internet

I think it might be my browser or my karma or whatever but I'm hitting some strange snags on the internet this morning. Nothing fatal just annoying.

My new Dyson heater/cooler arrived last night. You do need to be careful and look at the seller/shipper but used Amazon shit is really the bomb. This came in an anonymous box but even included the documentation. I can't see a flaw. I saved a shitload. (The other day, my shower curtain rod fell down for the last time so I went to Amazon, found one for $22. Looked at the Used. Found one sold by Amazon Warehouse, included in Prime, for $11. Cannot find a flaw in it either.)

Anyway, the Dyson is fabulous. I had one of its predecessors before but this one is even way better. Faster heat either directed or diffused. It has a remote and a phone app and is good buddies with Alexa. Plus it is way nicer looking than that ceramic heater I was using.

The ceramic heater and three full 13 gallon bags o' stuff are right now in the back of my car ready to go to Goodwill which, I'm happy to see, is open today. I did not finish getting all of the nonessential stuff off the shelves but I didn't have more room. Now that I'm on a roll and enjoying the non clutter, the rest will be easy to clear.

Capital One is stressing me out. I need to switch savings accounts with them. Their website is broken and it's a banking holiday. There is no urgency except I want to get it done and they are supposed to be 24/7. Grrrrrrrrr

My swim was great this morning. Nearly had the pool to myself. Way slower than yesterday but I have no idea why I was so fast yesterday and my speed does not even matter - it's just kind of interesting to see the details.

Ok now it is later and all is fixed. My internet problems were LJ was just wonky for a bit, and the rest was me. I forgot I was running a beta OS on this chromebook. Oops. Switched to the stable version and all is fine. Capital One is all sorted and set up the way I want it.

The cats are busy doing their cat things.

The Smalls' latest is respooning. He stands next to his not at all empty food dish and whines. I take the spoon and move the food around in the dish. And He goes to eating as if I just add fresh new yums. Drama queen????

This was yesterday afternoon and I have no idea what they were doing. It kind of looks like they are in 'we didn't do it' mode.


My core has left the building

I am old and out of shape and fat. And I skipped all those 'build up your core' situations my entire life and now, my core is no longer available for use. I just spent an hour and a half cutting out fabric on my kitchen counter. My core lasted an hour. Owwwww I just don't have it any more. It's even worse when I work on lower surfaces like folding laundry on the bed. Ugh.

I know, I know, I know. I should work on it. Build it up as best I can. But, I won't. I'll just come here and bitch about it.

I took my car load to Goodwill. They were having a sale and the parking lot was packed. But the car is empty and I can now start my next Goodwill collection.

I discovered today that the network that broadcasts the Mariner games on TV has posted the schedule of which Spring Training games they will be broadcasting. The first one is on Sunday, February 23. I made a note today on the calendar to remember to upgrade my cable TV package before then.

I did the now annual Hunt For A Better/Cheaper way to watch the Mariner games on TV. The options available to me really suck. So I'll stick with the plan again this year and hope for better. I dread the cable bills.

I cut out the pieces for the cat tunic today - see aching back above. I decided for the long sleeved version, I would make it blue with the front out of the cat fabric. That will leave me enough of the expensive fabric to make an all (or most) cat short sleeved version.

I got an email the other day telling me my web cams were online. Since I put them there, it was not that much of a shock. The person said "I want to know more." Because I was feeling chatty, I responded asking what they more they wanted to know. "are those cameras really active?" well, er, yes. We had a few more exchanges like this. The person never revealing any info about his or herself and/or why they were entitled to my answers or even why they wanted to know. I kept my answers short.

Today I got an email from the same person with 'a little feedback for you'. Turns out I am mean and rude and a fucking dumbass and a dipfuck.

The good news is that my compensation is not performance based so this evaluation really does not mean much. Maybe the evaluator got some satisfaction from telling me off. I sure hope so. I'd like to think I'm a giver.

Now I'm going to be a knitter.

Oh - kitty pic.

The Smalls on top of the fabric of The Smalls and Biggie and Stickie. Biggie tried to get in on the action but got distracted.