January 17th, 2020


It's way warmer outside than it has been lately but still really chilly inside. Space heater to the rescue. I really need to get off my butt and get moving. That would warm me up. But, I'm having a hard time doing that this morning. It's not for lack of to dos...

I want to sew that tunic up today. I need to cut my hair. I have litter boxes to clean out and I probably should take a load of trash down to the dumpster. My sweater is also coming along. I'm about halfway done. It's a fun knit and, for once, I'm actually looking forward to wearing the sweater. (I'm generally a process knitter/crocheter... I lose interest when I'm done so Goodwill gets lots of my work.)

The Sew Expo is coming up again. This is a 3 day event at the fair grounds (about 45 minutes from here) of sewing stuff. I went a couple of years ago and enjoyed it but last year was not at all interested. This year I wouldn't mind going but I'm not quite into it. Maybe next year. It's really a quilter show more than anything else. I'm not a quilter.

Yesterday, it was chilly in here. Biggie was on his chair and The Smalls was on the electric blanket here next to me. I decided to give him a little heat so I turned the blanket on. The next time I looked, he was giving me his review. Not so much a fan, I take it.


I turned it off and he curled back up in the middle of it.

I did make a cover for Biggie's chair. Just a temporary one. I need to add elastic for easy removal. Also so it will look nicer. I think I'm going to do it in brown so I can use the green pillow. That orange one is too big. BUT, I might abandon the project entirely as I discovered that the cover there now - the blue one that came with hit is removable and washable.

Ok I have now farted around long enough. It will soon be lunchtime. I need to get my ass in gear before the entire day gets away from me.

On it!

Kitty Glory!

It arrived! My Biggie and The Smalls and Stickie fabric! It's a luscious knit.


I have enough for two t-shirts - a long sleeved one and a short sleeved one - Year Round Kitties!!

It's in the washer now. It might not have been smart to put them on a white background - laundry wise. I usually do not separate whites from colors. Guess I'll have to start. It's such nice fabric, it will be worth the effort.

I got a lot of sewing done today. My plan/pattern deviation did now work out like I intended but I sure do like the way it did so all's cool. I made the pockets 1" too low. That's why you make a test garment first, kids. The Biggie/Smalls version will be spot on.

As much as I really hate Facebook, I really love Instagram and I hate that I do. But, really, my life is way richer because of Instagram. Dagnabbit. One reason is One Dish Kitchen.

Her recipes are simple and delicious and perfectly portioned. And most are made with stuff on hand like this one which will be my dinner tonight with some sausage.

There are other Instagram joys - knitting, crocheting, sewing, Seattle, swimming... It's just full of rich fodder. I wish someone else owned it.

I bought a new heater. The one I have is an el cheapo from Home Depot. It does Ok But it's kind of broken-ish. The only way to ensure it turns off is to remove the plug from the socket. It does not play nice with the smart plugs and I think its power button is broken. It provides heat and I don't need much but... today I found a Dyson Hot/Cold on Amazon for a price I could live with. It's from the Amazon Warehouse and has damaged packaging and is half off list price. And it works with Alexa and Google. And if I don't like it, I can send it right back. It arrives on Sunday.

The LED light I ordered for my serger did not work. Sigh. The regular one I also ordered did. And I figured a better way to attach the LED flashlight so I think I may be covered anyway. I'll send the LED one back.

The cats are having a down day. Oh, periodically one or the other of them will get into something and knock it off of what ever it's on but mostly they have been pretty chill all day. Makes me worried about tomorrow.