January 14th, 2020

Gone but great memories made

My brother is at the airport at his gate with more than an hour to kill before his flight leaves. I am at home in the living room with Biggie who is doing his usual... getting treats out of his tree, bringing me Stickie, etc.

The Smalls claimed Bill's lap early on and Bill didn't mind. So I predict abandonment issues. He is currently hiding now behind a pillow on Bill's bed.


The drive to the airport was absolutely lovely. The snow was draped over everything and it was just a postcard drive. The roads were not bad but I was glad to get home in one piece and I'm not going anywhere until the temperature gets above freezing again.

My brother started coming to visit for a week early in January several years ago. And every year it is such a treat. He's so comfortable to have around and fun and interesting. And, helpful! I'm not used to a second opinion and it's a luxury to have one.

Last Summer I decided to wanted two pieces of furniture swapped in my bedroom. I had a couple of good reasons for this and no rush. So I put it on the Bill list. I took him in there and told him what I wanted. He looked at it and said 'but then the treadmill will block your view of the TV'. DOH! Yep. No way around that. Not possible to move the treadmill. Mostly I'm shocked I didn't think of that. In fairness I did conceive the plan before I got the treadmill but still, in 30 seconds my plan was torpedoed and for good reason. Sigh.

One of the great joys of my brother's visits are the leftovers. We bring home all we don't eat and I freeze it and enjoy it and the memory of when we got it all throughout January. So that starts tonight.

Laundry is laundrying now. I have no need to go anywhere. I probably won't even go swimming tomorrow. It looks like warmer temperatures are coming so I'll be able to start back on Thursday morning. I'm ready.

TiVo is full. I have much to watch. And a sweater that I'm quite into so knitting/TV/good food... I'm totally set.

I have new LJ friends! TO MY NEW LJ FRIENDS...

This journal is not only old, it is massive. Nearly 22,500 entries. I did write a kind of history of myself but even it is huge. Do not attempt to catch up on your own. You'll break something internal probably.

Instead ASK ME ANYTHING. Leave any question in a comment or in inbox. Nothing's off limits. I'm happy to answer. Honest. And welcome!

Drive Bys

The one exterior wall in my condo is a wall of windows. When I got new blinds, I paid extra for insulating ones. Here I sit on a very cold day - a day made for the window blinds to be down and insulating but I cannot bring myself to lower them because... I love watching the snow fall. Someone needs to invent transparent insulating blinds (how many contradictions and one have in one phrase...)


I left my fitbit on the charger last night. First night I've slept without a fitness tracker in years. I have no idea how I slept and no way to find out. Disconcerting.


Last night, we went to the tony sports bar across the street to get good hamburgers and see the Clemson LSU football game. It was fun BUT it was loud so we ate and stayed til halftime and then came home to watch the rest.

I did not ask and did not know and did not even consider that it was not on a major network. During baseball season, I have to buy the cable package that includes 893+/- channels to get the one that has the Mariner game. In the off season, cut back to the very basic major networks only.

So, yeah, turns out the game was on ESPN which I do not have. ooops. But, Bill has YouTube TV which had all the channels. He fired it up on his laptop and hooked into my Chromecast in about 2 seconds with zero problems and bingo bango we were in Biz. Love it.


I love this plane selfie that Bill just sent.



Just as the sun came out and the snow stopped, this tweet came in from the Seattle Weather Blog.

❄️SNOW UPDATE ❄️ ♦️4 to 6 inches of snow possible tonight (starting 8 pm) from downtown Seattle northward to Everett & all of the Eastside. ♦️Small changes in track of storm will have major implications for Sea-Tac to Tacoma area ♦️Entire metro should be on guard