January 12th, 2020

Good Morning

It's not quite light out. I'm enjoying my coffee. Biggie's in my lap and The Smalls is watching from the chair. My brother is still asleep.

I'm still flying on the high of getting rid of all that junk yesterday. And I'm now seriously considering a major purge of my Mariners swag. I have about 6 shelves of Mariners shit. I have a good dozen of Mariner hats. I think Goodwill is going to get everything but maybe a half shelf's worth. It really helps to have someone with zero attachment to your stuff point out how much of it you could benefit by not having.

I love my stuff but there's a line somewhere that separates having cool stuff from OMG where did all this crap come from??? And there is enormous joy in empty spaces. Plus, what the heck am I saving all this shit for...

We polished off the afternoon in front of the football game. Turns out, The Smalls is quite a pigskin fan... or maybe he's just a Bill fan. But pretty much as soon as Bill sits down The Smalls is in his lap.


Eating recap... Last night we tried a new to me hole in the wall Chinese place in Chinatown and it was delightful. Comfortable with good food. Gan Bei. I see they deliver via Door Dash. Nice. That will be happening. Plus, it was just a nice place to eat. Then we stopped at Uwajimaya for Beard Papa's Cream Puffs which we ate while watching the rest of the football game.

Making Goodwill into Mariners fans...

Before we went off to breakfast this morning, I cleared off these shelves of Mariner stuff. I kept 5% of it. I filled three 13 gallon trash bags.



It is all with Goodwill now.

Then we went to Endolyne Joe's. letmesaythis wants to know what we ate. I had Croque Madame and Bill had the Pig in the Orchard Omelette. They have these amazing potatoes and I got an order to go. They are in the freezer with steak from the other night and half of Bill's giant omelette. I love leftovers.

We are now watching the football game and washing the drapes from the terrace.

Do you have an LJ friend you would recommend?

There's another Friendzy going on. It's the usual and it's getting lots of great entries. I added me but then remembered the most successful friendzy for me.

One time someone on my friends list asked for recommendations and I discovered lots of my favorite 'friends' that way.

So I'm asking.

My current friends list is long BUT more than half are no longer on LJ. I leave them there in hopes they will return and, actually, one or two have!

But, do you know someone who has a journal I would enjoy reading and who would let me in?

Behind the cut is my friends' list.

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Today's adventures

We have made no more trips to Goodwill. But, Bill took down the drapes on the terrace and I was able to wash them and he put them right back up. They had stretched so were no longer even and too long and they were filthy. Now they are clean and a perfect, even length. Nice.

We ordered in pizza for dinner. This is a huge treat for me. It's been forever since I've had pizza. It was delicious. Oh and we also got chicken wings.

We spent the rest of the time watching football and that's what we are doing now. I don't know squat about football but I'm actually enjoying this. Tomorrow we have a college game we need to watch as well.

The Smalls and Bill are one. Biggie has tried a couple of times to get in on the action and been rebuffed every time. Poor guy. But, he did get to play with a banana.

Bill caught this shot of The Smalls earlier.

Side Eye Of The Year Award.