January 11th, 2020

Just hanging out

My brother wanted to get a massage so I poked and called around and had a devil of a time finding anything available yesterday but finally found a place with one slot open this morning. So I'm hanging in the car with a laptop and he's massaging. It's where I got my last massage - about 5 years ago. I love everything about the place except the masseuse. I had literal bruises - black and blue marks all over and spent several days suffering. The place sent me an email asking about my experience and I told them and they responded exactly as I would have liked. Complete with free massage but I just could not bring myself to try again.

So now I've sent him in to suss out the deal. He's got lots of massage experience so he'll get them figured out and set me up.

And I'm fine here in the car with my computer. There's a nice drug store and grocery store attached to this parking lot so I did my errands. The nail place I go to occasionally is even here and open and takes walk ins and I'm tempted but can't see pulling the trigger on that today.

Yesterday we found a very cute neighborhoody pub for lunch. The Barking Dog Ale House

Then we went to the very luxurious Bateau for dinner. Luxurious in food. Rather French in ambiance. You order your beef from the blackboard by cut and size and there are about 50 different options. It's overwhelming. In the past, we've had amazing dinners there. Last night's was excellent but quite as as amazing. I do have marvelous leftovers, though.


I have nothing reserved for today. Depending on what Bill wants to do, we may go find brunch of hang and do lunch later ... We might go up to the International District for dinner maybe.

And otherwise... just hang.

And the Best Brother goes to mine...

It's one thing to clean and sort and cull and organize your own shit but to spend your vacation day organizing someone else's is beyond the call of duty. But, honestly, I could not have done nearly as good a job without his participation.

I have two double storage closets out on the terrace. Both are way taller than I am and crammed to the gills with shit plus even more crap on top of both. We emptied them both. Here's what it looked like when the contents were in the living room.


Three piles. Keep, toss, Goodwill. The goal was to keep the keep pile tiny. Bill was ruthless and it was fabulous.

See that double decker cart there on the right? We filled two of those with trash plus a smaller cart. And we filled the double decker cart twice plus the small cart for Goodwill. Bill made two trips with the car full both times.

Here's what they look like now.

IMG_20200111_144042_MP IMG_20200111_144037

Plus, I did the same with a very large bin and a smaller one here in the closet in the living room. Now I have way more room in there, too. Cables and cables and cables and cables and cables. We probably found 25 USB printer cables. All gone now. And it's amazingly wonderful. The cats are exhausted.