January 8th, 2020


My brother arrived and it's so wonderful to have him here. The cats were far more impressed than confused.

We had dinner at a place I had not been before. Orfeo. It was fine but we don't need to go again.

I always have a list of things for him to do when he's here. Not fun type things but chore type things. Things I can't do alone or at all. This year the list is more than a little healthy. And can't be polished off in 30 mins. Happily he's up for it.

We'll start with the shower rod situation. After the sodden mattress pad took down the rod last weekend, I put it back up. Yesterday when I got out of the shower, it went flying. So stuff like that... hooks installed, my smart lock, which arrives tomorrow, installed, the kibble tree stabilized, etc. We will be going to Home Depot.

But, now we are enjoying coffee and internetting and a wonderful treat. Bill took an early morning walk a mile and a half to the yummy bakery and brought back breakfast treats.