January 1st, 2020


While I debate whether or not to include any of the various memes for the year in my journal, I thought I'd toss out the old Meme of Memes...

If you have any question/s about anything that you want to ask me for whatever reason, ask away. Believe it or not, I have opinions I have not shared here. And stuff I may have inadvertently forgotten to write about, or for any number of other reasons, created a hole in the narrative that is me.

Silly, serious, important, irrelevant. Or requests. Ask away.

2020 Day 1

I had a lovely sleep and slept a comfortable compromise between how long I wanted to sleep and how long the cats would let me. It worked out. And I woke up with plenty of time to leisurely get pool ready so I went to swim. It was a lovely swim. Tomorrow and Friday there will be fairly minimal traffic so I think my game plan is to repeat today. No alarm. If, when I wake up, I feel like swimming, I'll go swimming. If not, I won't. I like it.

My breathing continues to be not very spectacular. I just can't seem to get enough air sometimes. I was diagnosed with COPD years ago and have had a marvelously easy time of it with a couple of bouts of not easy. I know my luck cannot hold out but, hey, I've recovered before and I can do it again. Or not. Whatever. This little outage is not horrible only a little concerning and worth noting. I wonder if the swims in the chlorine pool did not maybe exacerbate whatever is going on.

I just found proof that Biggie puts his toys away sometimes. He was in the toy bin playing with yet another sewing pin! He keeps finding them and leaving them everywhere ... my bed, his toy bin... They are very long and would be very difficult for him to get the business end in his mouth, much less try to swallow it but still I hate that he keeps finding them. I certainly did not put it in his toy bin and it was not there yesterday.

Both cats seemed to have calmed down from their madcap-ed-ness of yesterday. Biggie's back on neighborhood/bird/insect watch and The Smalls is just sitting here thinking.

I did some more work on my financial spreadsheet. There's a cliche about old people obsessing over their finances. Also one about old cat ladies. Maybe a good 2020 goal would be to see how many cliches I can emulate without trying!



Journal Reviews

I started this journal in March of 2002 and have always posted nearly every single day... Actually, I just checked.

So... clearly I'm all about me in both entries and comments. I just went back a decade and re-read some entries. I stopped after about a week's worth because SNOOZER!

I kind of wish I had been better about annual round ups or round ups of decades but, alas, I was not.

2019 was a lovely year. I turned 70. I swam a lot. I lost a cat and got two others.

I think I'm done with retrospectives.