December 20th, 2019

Any shenanigans today? So glad you asked...

So it happened. zoefruitcake warned me. I went to the bathroom all by myself. Both cats were in the living room when I left and when I returned. Sigh. The end of an era.

While I was swimming, I was noodling over the conundrum that is my couch. There are several issues - not with the couch but with the arrangement of it. One is a soft place for cats to land that does not shed. Cleary the green blanket is a favorite but such a shedder. Then I remembered a padded 'bed' that was part of another bed that neither of these cats ever cared about. I put it in the closet. When I got home I dug it out.

It needs cleaning but I put it down on the couch anyway. The Smalls nosed it and then went back to the green sheddy blanket. I put the bed on the kitchen counter so that I could grab it next time I go back to the sewing room (where the washer/dryer are).

So I'm sitting here doing this and doing that and after a bit I realize The Smalls is nowhere to be found. Biggie's in his blue chair but The Smalls is missing.

And then I look up ... He's on the cat bed, on the kitchen counter... all snuggled in.


It's a blessing that neither one of them gets mad when I laugh out loud right at them.

It's been raining buckets since yesterday. Flooding type buckets. I hit a couple of pond sized puddles to and from the pool today. There are a couple of errands I would like to run today but I may well postpone them all. I don't mind getting wet. I do mind flooding my little car.

The Chex Mix I made yesterday may well be the very best ever Chex Mix on the planet. I did, accidently, solve one issue. Always before, because it's how my mother did it and what the instructions say... I would spread out the cereal over sheet pans and then pour over the Chex Mix juice and then stir it up. Yesterday, I put it all into a giant bowl and poured the juice over that. I mixed it up good and only then spread it over the sheet pans. MUCH tidier and easier and, I think, way more evenly distributed. Also much easier to clean up. Score. So delicious.

No laundry got done yesterday and the dirty clothes hamper has now become a cats' playground. So I think I may go start a load. Of course the cat bed will likely now have to wait until it's sans occupant.

Maybe I'll get on that now.

Here's the non-hilarious cat du jour... He can't help it. The competition is just stiff around here.


Merry Christmas to me

So I went out. To the fancy market (the one where I got my Thanksgiving dinner) and bought stuff I never buy. Premade stuff. Orange chicken, ready to heat, quiche tarts (2), chicken salad and waldorf salad and lamb and guinness pie and a piece of cake and two large containers of stuffing and sushi.

I ate the shushi for lunch today and the rest will be soon meals or freezer. It was a fun shopping spree. And now I have to go nowhere for days. Or cook. Nice.

It was pouring down rain still. We must have broken records today with the amount of rainfall. It feels like it's been pouring steadily since yesterday. Nice big ponds everywhere.

I remembered this morning that my Spiriva (COPD) inhaler prescription needed attention. I have a month left and I don't want to buy any more until January 1 (medicare twists and turns mean I pay $375 now or $200 if I wait until January 1 - I'll wait, thanks). Anyway, this means a trip to the lung doctor or, as established last year, the lung doctor's physician assistant, Emily. $50 for her to tell me I'm great. :)

So I hopped on My Chart (which is really a piece of shit application but sure better than nothing) and sent her a note explaining I needed more, please and had had 0 issues since I saw her last so could we skip the visit and go right to the drug? I got a very fast reply saying sure... She wants to see me just to be sure but we can put it off a few months and she'll call in the new prescription. Works for me. Thanks!

I put ani_mama's doodle up on the spare monitor so adorable.


(Every time I straighten that one picture, the cats knock it crooked. Time to get out the museum putty.)

I think the couch problem that was cat related has been sorted. The muffit has now been washed and accepted as suitable for The Smalls butt.


Meanwhile you can see Mr. Biggie back there on The Great Kibble Hunt.

AND... I designed some fabric. Spoonflower is a website where you can print your own fabric. It's expensive but such good quality. They have about 20 different kinds of fabrics for apparel (they also do wallpaper!). So I uploaded the doodle and make a print out of it. You can get a test swatch for $6.50 so that's what I did. It will be here in a couple of weeks. My goal is a Biggie and The Smalls knit fabric that I can use to make a top and/or maybe other stuff. Now that I'm thinking about it, I'm thinking maybe they would make a fine hoodie...

On Twitter this morning, The Seattle Times offered a digital version for 8 weeks - $1. OK, I'll do that. There really isn't anything in there but for $1, I'll enjoy the tiny bit that is. They used to be horrible to cancel so signing up was fraught with peril but last time I did it, it turned out to be easy to cancel. Maybe one of these times, I'll enjoy it enough to pay the big bucks.

I cannot believe it is still pouring outside. We have not seen this much rain in a really long time. I think tonight's newscasts are going to be flood updates.

One load of laundry done. One in the dryer and one in the washer. Time for some knittin!