October 8th, 2019

The banana won but I think I lost.

I know I always say these cats are always so busy and full of beans but last night started at least 12 hours of overdrive... I was eating dinner and kept hearing a thunk. And then another thunk and then I looked over and Biggie was having an altercation with a banana. Yep. It was as if the banana was threatening him. He batted it. He tried to pick it up by one end and then would drop it (the thunk). At one point he fell off he counter, thanks for the banana. I tried to get video but I was laughing to hard.

All night both of them were at it. There's a piece of stryofoam they've been knocking around and it landed under the bed. At 3 this morning they were clawing and chewing it right under my head. I finally got up and turned on the light and dug that thing out and put it in a drawer.

And still they raced on. When I left for the pool, they were, of course, settling in for a nap. When I got back they were at it again. And Biggie was fighting with the banana again. I finally ate it. I can hear them down the hall. I think their foil this time is Stickie.

I love their energy but they completely dismantled a lamp that it took me ages to get back together again and I know it will be apart again before the day's end. I'm ready for their exhausted coma.

I think today is IKEA day. I thought about waiting until tomorrow when the housecleaner is here but I have tons of stuff to take back to Goodwill and tomorrow is a much better day for that. I could, of course, do both Goodwill and IKEA in the same day.... nah! that's crazy talk.

It (IKEA) is about 25 to 30 mins from here and doesn't open until 10. It's only 8:30 and there is no law that says I have to be there when the doors open. Near IKEA is Walmart so maybe a stop there? And adjacent to Walmart is a Popeye's - so this could be a fried chicken day.

I just chopped off all my fingernails. They sometimes just get too long to do stuff and I start stabbing myself with them. Gone now and typing is so much better!

See that green throw? I've already folded it nicely and smoothly and laid it on the ottoman twice this morning and they insist that it needs to be bunched up. And now... Biggie's in the basket and The Smalls is on the gray chair... kitty angels, causing no trouble... for now.



OMG IKEA is just exhausting. Or I'm too old or both. I didn't even do the whole store. The entry at our store is right by the sofa and chairs department. Then I wandered a little through the marketplace stuff. But, honestly, I did not have the stamina to do one single bit more.

There was a very nice guy on duty who patiently answered my endless questions. The purple couch/sofa/bed was the first order of business and it's perfect. The color is a little less neon than the photo. The stupid looking 'socks' on the legs are optional. It's lovely to sit on. A good height off the floor. And those bolster things are amazing. I tried leaning back really hard and it would not budge. They are easy to move around. It's just a cool piece.

So then on to the chairs. I was surprised by several - negatively and positively and, in the end, decided to go with two and to just add the current orange chair and ottoman to the 'take them away' pile.

All the current seating will go and be replaced by the purple sofa, the two tone blue chair and the brown faux leather. And probably a lime green foot stool.

The nice guy at the store did clue me in on the difference between ordering at the store and having the stuff delivered and ordering online and having it shipped. The difference is basically when. If you order at the store, you can get it the next day. If you order online it takes about a week. Price the same.

One issue at the store is that it felt like it was about 589 degrees. It was just too hot to think clearly. So I opted to come home and think and then order.

Here's the rundown.

I thought and thought and did some more research when I got home. I made up my mind
and hit 'buy'. Then I went to Task Rabbit and hired a guy with a truck. He'll put the stuff together for me and haul away the trash as well as the furniture.

The only snag is that the delivery date of Monday is an 'estimate'. The Task Rabbit guy is set for Tuesday. If delivery slips... ugh.

But, it's done. Yeah!!

EDIT. I meant to add this. The total bill can't be exactly calculated yet because I don't know how long it will take Task Rabbit but let's stay 4 hours. Furniture, delivery, taxes, assembly and removal of old furniture and trash + ottoman from Amazon - $1,300.

After IKEA, I did not have the energy for Walmart or the Asian market I love next door. But, I was starving and thirsty so Popeye's. Which was perfect. I went in and got enough for lunch and dinner and sat down and ate the lunch. Sooooo good.

While I was eating the sky fell in. Torrential rain. Like flooding the parking lot rain. I waited a while but finally ran for it. Walked fast - I sure did not want to smash and burn in the middle of the parking lot in a storm...

I got in the car and the rain was white and accumulating!


The ride home was fairly treacherous and the rain stopped a block from my house. Of course.

Instagram flipped some sort of switch and now there is no sound when you view stories in a browser. It's most annoying. I really wish there was not so much good stuff on Instagram. I'd love to get a divorce from it. But, I'll just fire up the app for stories.

Cripe, it is 3:30 already. This day got eat up!

Oh, one more IKEA thing. For lots of years, their color scheme worked great for me. They had lots of limes and purples - in towels in plates, in everything. And orange and bright blues. But... those days are gone. Now everything is Easter. pastels - lame pale green and light pale peach and just ugh. I need a new lamp - one of those always on glowy lamps but not in pastel colors for crying out loud. Oh well. Amazon will do me.