September 17th, 2019

More More More!

My closet work yesterday wore me out. When I stretched out in bed last night with the lights out, I had one second to focus on how much my body hurt and then I was in a coma. When the alarm when off this morning, the cats were shook. They'd never heard it before. I always wake up before the alarm goes off but not today.

However, the up side is my wonderful closet with all the extra space it now boasts.

So riding on that high, today I'm going to tackle the sewing room. There is much in there that needs to go to Goodwill. Plus I need more room and more storage space so much to do. I figured out a plan while I was swimming today so it's just a matter of execution.

My ultimate goal is to have storage space to burn and organization so that I do not lose shit or buy duplicate shit. Lofty goals but hey, aim high, right?

Yesterday the Google fall event date was announced... it's not until mid-October! So late, I thought. But, then I checked the Google store and I bought my Pixel 3 just four days earlier last year. I, of course, do not need a Pixel 4. But, if the trade in nums are as good as last years, I, of course, will be getting one. I had kind of budgeted for one this month so... savings!

I paid $2,170 yesterday in quarterly taxes. That seems like just a big chunk o' cash and it is and next year's will probably be even bigger... sigh. I am, however, so profoundly grateful to have the cash to pay the tax bill and maybe a new phone and general retail therapy.

I have both cats right here to help. I'll bet they are really excited about helping with the sewing room project.


Only half done this time

I have 4 bags (13 gallons each) in the car for Goodwill. And 1 bag for the dumpster and I am about halfway done with the sewing room. Holy crap and a whole lotta crap. Geesh. I need a way better system.

I am finding good uses for a lot of those containers that I emptied yesterday.

I decided that one of the plastic drawer stands - a small 3 drawer model - can go to Goodwill, as is. Contents and all. So that's easy. I have a rolling cart with drawers that is el cheapo and drives me nuts. It's too big and way too wobbly and the drawers don't work easily so it's going, too. I have a smaller, sturdier one coming tomorrow. And a label maker. Yes, it's that time.

Unlike yesterday, this project is easy to split into two days. I only have to see the chaos when I walk by which I can mostly avoid. But, I'll finish it up tomorrow for sure.

Meanwhile I'm setting up a new tablet. I love my tablets but I'm out of patience with slow, nearly dead ones and also with Fire tablets. I finally gave my last Amazon Fire tablet to the Goodwill last week and then my really old but beloved Nexus 9 started having issues. I reset and rebuilt it and got a little more spunk but I fear...

Meanwhile Amazon has a Samsung tablet with built in stylus in the 8 inch size I like so I bought it. It's been a long time since I've had any Samsung products and they have really gotten their shit together. It's lovely and not full of software I don't want. I'm pretty delighted.

I think maybe I'll go give the treadmill about 15 minutes and then take the rest of the day off. hahaha. The ballgame is at 4 today and I'm trying out a flatbread thing from Trader Joe's for dinner. All's good.