September 9th, 2019


I tried out the swimsuit made from the new pattern and it was fine. There are tweaks I need to make... The shoulder straps need to be moved towards the neck a bit and the elastic needs to be tightened up all around but I like it. I made the arm holes way bigger and that, alone, makes swimming better. For this test suit, I did not line it and that, also, made for a different swim experience. One that I quite like. Lining is more fiddly and more expensive. It makes the suit last longer but I'm not sure I care about that. Unlined is more comfortable, drys faster, takes up less room and wet weight in the swim bag... considering...

Also yesterday I gave myself a hair cut. I've had mixed results with cutting my own hair. I tend to make dramatic mistakes but not yesterday. Yesterday's cut is good. And cheap and no chit chat. Plus getting the appointment was a breeze.

A while back, I collected all the cat toys and put them into a basket under a side table. The basket went largely ignored until this morning. Biggie went 'shopping' in the basket and found a little stuffed toy about the size of a roll of pennies. It has a bell inside and something crunchy. The two of them have been rolling it around and tossing it now for 30 minutes.

They are always so busy.

Today I think I'll make the tweaks to the swimsuit pattern and then make another suit to see if I've nailed it yet. I have 3 different swimsuit fabrics on hand. One I love, one I like and one that I feel meh about. I'm going with the meh for test number 2.

Other than that, no great plans for today.

It's only supposed to get up to 66 degrees today. After the Seahawks game was over and all the drunks had gone home, I turned off the air conditioner and opened the door and that's the way it's been for more than 12 hours now but still, it's nearly 75 degrees in the living room (the room with the door open). It takes so long to cool down this place. Hopefully, by the end of this week, the temps will have come down. The sewing room is like 20/25 yards from the open door. So it will take more than a week. I'm still running a fan back there.

This, too, shall pass.

Just a boy and his beloved Stickie


poop stress dialed back to 0. Whew

So. Tomorrow I take the boys into the vet. They get a blood test but also the vet wants to run a test on their poop. So I need to bring in some fresh. I do not know when or where they poop. That's their business.

I've been worrying about how I was going to fulfill the poop assignment. They poop collector they gave me said they needed poop that was either younger than 12 hours old OR 24 hours or younger if it had been refrigerated.

I was in the sewing room sewing away when I heard much litterbox action so I went to check... FRESH POOP!!!!! I put it in a baggie and it's now in my fridge. I will try to get a very fresh one tomorrow but if I don't, I'm covered already so no biggie. Whew.

I'll skip the photo.