September 6th, 2019

Well, that saves me a bundle of $$

Garmin was set, yesterday, to announce some new watches. I want one. I want one that does what mine does but is way smaller with a much crisper looking screen. They announced the crisper looking screen one... $300. BUT, I looked closely at the specs and the damn thing is the same size but thicker! Noooooo thank you. I upgraded from the Vivoactive to the Vivoactive 3 a couple of years ago but I'm giving serious thought to going back. I may dig out the old one and try it for a month or so. It's smaller and nicer looking and who the hell cares about my heartbeat? Not me.

I can use that $300 for my new phone. Google will be announcing the Pixel 4 in a few weeks. I don't need it at all not even close but that's never stopped me before. In fact, just this morning, I shopped for its new case on Amazon. Found one - for the phone that hasn't been announced. Gotta love it. I've been saving my pennies and I'm in pure take my money mode.

Today might be new swimsuit day. I have some fabric that I ordered by mistake (ordered 2 yards instead of 1 a while back). I made one suit out of it and really don't like the print. So I've had some ideas about changing my swimsuit pattern and I may well try them out with the other yard of this ugly fabric.

It's supposed to get to 80 today but then start to cool. The night for Monday is right now sitting at 67! I could break out the long sleeves that that. It's not hot yet this morning so the door is open and the boys are outside on the terrace wall checkin' on the 'hood.

This was last night. Biggie in his King Of The World perch. Love the tail...



I'm beginning to question my plan to use the inhaler with the smaller dose of Spiriva. Today has not been horrible but several times I've had to fight for enough breath. This morning, my first few laps were iffy and now I'm resting to get enough breath to take the garbage down to the dumpster.

One day is not enough to judge. It also could be psychosomatic. The anti-plecebo effect. I think I'll try to do a few more days and if there is still an issue, I'll switch to the high priced spread and see if that fixes it. Options. But, meh. I liked my plan.

I did not do swimsuit... Instead, I did laundry. A bunch of it. And then, I did a freezer inventory - written down. I went in there this morning to get something and found 5 servings of chicken alfredo that I had totally forgotten about. That annoys me.

So today I took every single thing out and counted and listed it all in a spreadsheet with check boxes. It's on the bulletin board next to the fridge. And there is a link to it on the homepage of my phone. I feel much better. And, I do not need to buy sausage, breakfast patty or dinner link, for a very long time.

Alfredo for dinner.

I am really enjoying wearing my old Garmin watch. I'd forgotten some of its tricks and a lot of the user interface stuff is way better than the fancier one I've been wearing for a few years. Why in hell did they fuck that up? I'm so glad I hung on to this one.

I thoroughly cleaned out both litter boxes (and having my face in that dust could be part of the just now breathing sitch.... now that i think about it) and gathered up all the trash and garbage. My cart is loaded and I think I'll just take that down to the dumpsters now and then watch something on TV!