August 17th, 2019

My last meal at 13 Coins

The first weekend I lived in Seattle, my friend, John took me to 13 Coins and it was a wonderful experience. I returned over and over again for special occasions and non-occasions and it was wonderful every time. Great food, great service, wonderful place. Over the years, it did kind of degradate but I chose to write the issues off as one time problems. Then they moved from way cross town to two blocks away. In the move, they lost all the old staff that had been there forever. And the good cooks. And their desire to make it a great place. I tried to ignore it. Last March, when my brother and niece and nephew were in town, they were downright rude. Twice. I gave them a rest. I thought maybe it was me.

It wasn't. This morning I went in for breakfast. The place was nearly empty. The service sucked. The coffee that I had to ask for twice was burnt. The extra crispy hashbrowns I ordered were barely crispy. I had a gift card. I had been trained by another one of their wait staff that they do not allow tips on gift cards so if I add my credit card, they will run a charge of a dollar and I can add a tip to that. The waitress this morning said that was not possible. So I was not able to leave a tip at all which, honestly, did not bother me one bit.

My gift card has $1.21 left on it. I left it there. I'm done. We had a nice 26 year run but it's you, not me and we over.

That breakfast was preceded by my walk. I slept well and late (for me) and woke up with still an hour and change before the gym opened. I decided to freelance. I walked a circuit around my block and around the perimeter of the football stadium parking lot and then back to my front door - 15 minutes and then repeated it. The route is flat like the treadmill but full of little dips and cracks and stuff. On the up side, the route is free. On the downside, there's little to compel me to do it twice. At the gym, I have to stay at least 30 minutes or it's embarrassing.

But, the gym does not open til 8 on Saturdays and 9 on Sundays. Too late for me. So this is a nice alternative. And it will work nicely to keep up, if I can stand it, after my month at the gym is done.

There's a hotel down by the baseball stadium. Their restaurant has always been meh. But I haven't been in there in a couple of years. The gym doesn't open til 9 on Sundays so I think tomorrow, I'll do my outside walk again and then stop there and make sure it hasn't gotten wonderful.

The cats went wild last night. One of them knocked a coffee mug off the top shelf (about 10 feet to floor). It did not break but clearly I need to get up there and dust! In the middle of the night I heard other stuff falling. This morning I found a little piece of white plastic on the floor in the bedroom. It looks like the battery cover for something. But, what? I have no idea and so far no clues visible.

The Zappos credit, hit my Chase credit card today. The charge has yet to show up. I cannot imagine the call to Zappos to tell them I need to repay for my shoes. That's going to be strange.

The baseball game is at noon. I think I'll start cutting out the bits for my next quilt today. If the cats let me.

Here's what the Old White Lady Enchiladas looked like out of the oven last night.


They were ok. Not fabulous, but ok. I think just cheese on top isn't enough. I need to make a cheese sauce to pour over the top next time. And add some green chilies.

No reason

I'm really feeling old lately. Aches and pains that just pop up out of nowhere. Sometimes there's a pain in the middle of my right foot. And then it goes away and sometimes comes back. Yesterday my thigh went totally numb for a good 10 minutes - for no reason. Getting up from sitting or lying down takes more than a couple of seconds to get steady enough to get anywhere. The actual list is much longer.

It's ok. I am old so feeling it is expected.

BUT. The walking is helping. I just stood at the kitchen counter for nearly 4 hours straight cutting fabric. My back only just now started whining about it. I noticed this week when I was running errands that I had more stamina and was able to go and do as long as I wanted which is kind of a change from a few months ago.

So, as much as I hate it... and I do really really hate it... at least the walking is rewarding.

And I can't believe the cats let me do all that cutting. Whew. I got way more than half the fabric cut out for Quilt 2.0. I stopped because I decided to assemble, too. So I'm choosing and stacking the pieces right sides together in distinct rows. When I get 24 done, I'll take them to the serger and whip 'em out.

I'll get the rest cut out and 'rowed' tomorrow and also cut out the stuffing. That's way more than half way to finished quilt. Nice.


The Mariners just took the lead in the 8th. I'm going to make a cheese sauce to go over the rest of the White Lady Enchiladas and have the rest of them for dinner tonight.

The cats are still napping so I think I'll do some knitting.