August 15th, 2019

The kitten who cried wolf

The Smalls is a random whiner. He isn't really a talker as in talks all the time but randomly throughout the day, from another room, he'll start this kitty crying. For No Reason. It lasts maybe 3 seconds. Enough to wonder if I should worry and enough to get Biggie's attention.

And while I'm on cat news... Stickie is missing! I can't find him anywhere. He was here yesterday morning but now is nowhere to be found. I've looked under a lot of things but my knee is bruised and crawling is hard. So I just hope they find it and bring it back or Stickie RIP.

Last night, Biggie got up on top of the kitchen cabinets and, so, then The Smalls did, too. I think I will not have to worry about the dust up there much longer. They spent all night crawling all over the space and collecting the dust on their feet and bringing it down for me. They couldn't have done this the day before the housecleaner came...


So the upper reaches of my home are now Cat Land. It was only a matter of time anyway. (And isn't that picture of my nephew adorable? He's now the father of two daughters who are twice the age already that he was then.)

The second pair of Zappos shoes did not past the shoe test on the treadmill this morning. So they are going back. It's fine. That leaves me with two pair that do fine on the treadmill which also means will do fine on the street. And one of them is even nice looking. And both can be worn with and without socks. I'm good.

I was not wrong about the Rolling Stones audience. It was pretty funny to see all the old people flooding into the stadium. Also I did not hear one peep. I did have the door closed and the air conditioner running but still, I can hear the football crowds and soccer crowds with ease. Not the Stones, however.

I found a sweater knitting pattern today that is enticing me to put down the crochet hook. I haven't knitted anything in a long time but I think I'm going to start this beauty today.

The baseball game is a morning game. I can get a good start on it then.

I saw this photo this morning on twitter. It's so stunning. That's a Seattle city swimming pool that's actually not that far away from my regular pool. It's 50 yards long (twice as long as my gym pool) and salt water. It's wonderful to swim in. And it's open until after Labor Day. Why am I not swimming there every day?

Because their lap hours suck. Because they have such limited hours, it's always massively crowded. And it's a bitch to get to. There's very little parking. But, even if I took the bus... See where that pier meets the shore? Very near there is the closest you can get. And you have to walk from there to the pool. OR you can come through those trees which hide a very rocky, hilly path.

The last time I attempted it, I could not even enjoy my swim for worrying about getting back to my car. I decided then that it really wasn't worth it. But, every time I see this photo, I rethink the plan. It's just so stunning.

Only 20 more days to go.

Will The Real Stickie II Please Stand Up?

I pulled out another kind of thing on a stick. They played with it dutifully but with no love. It clearly wasn't Stickie. And I don't know where Stickie is.

So I went to the sewing room where I had hidden Stickie II. An exact replica of Stickie but pink and not torn to shreds.

OMG. I could barely get down the hall. They recognized Stickie immediately. They were so excited.


They just ignored the Faux Stickie (the red tail looking one) for the real thing.

They don't even need me. Biggie keeps dragging Stickie II down the hall for some alone time and The Smalls is having none of that. So then they bring it back here to me so I will wave it around for them. Lather, rinse, repeat.


They are so hilarious.

Note to self: You'd better replenish the backup Stickie situation, pronto!