August 10th, 2019

I really hate sweaty

I slept and slept and it was good. The cats were confused but they will get over it. I had a cup of coffee and when it turned 8, I went over to the gym.

We woke up to rain today. So nice!! I got really wet on my way to the gym which is at the end of the block across the street. It felt excellent.

This time I took two pairs of shoes. I started out with the pricey walking shoes. It was ok in the beginning but after about 10 minutes my right hip started complaining and my left calf???? So I stopped and switched to my Keen sandals. No problemo. So I'm glad we got that fixed.

Shortly after the shoe switch, the fire alarm went off and then this guy came on to tell everyone to leave through the stairwells. None of the other exercisers even slowed down so I didn't. and, sure enough, the front desk guy came back to tell us they were testing the system. No fire. Cool. Except the damn alarm and warning dude continued for 20 fucking minutes. I walked for about 20 minutes and then switched to the elliptical for another 15. The gym is tiny. If all the treadmills are full, I want to know I can use other machines.

I got sweaty. I hate that so much. I was really grateful it was still raining.

It's also cool enough to have the door open and so the cats are having a field day outside. The Smalls found a leaf and brought it in and proceeded to divide it into 25 or so smaller bits and spread those around living room. Autumn might not be the season I generally love this year.

Now I see that Biggie is trying to free the air conditioner duct. I have it double taped to the door jam because they've already tried to knock it out. You can see where the top tape has already been torn off.


Not only that, it appears he is planning something above... I'm not even sure what could possibly be grabbing his attention.

Anyway, home from the gym and cooled off somewhat. I had breakfast and now I need a shower.

I have a Diamond Club game tonight. And there is laundry that needs laundrying. And I will likely be doing some show shopping on Zappos. Otherwise, no big plans.