August 9th, 2019

And the month of dry dock begins

Not all of the early morning regulars showed up this morning. But, enough. Plus, Amanda was there. Amanda used to do the front desk every morning. Then about a year ago, she went to once a week. She does Mondays. But, she was there this morning. "I just wanted to come say bye so I thought I'd do my own workout early." Fun.

She also clarified some unknowns. She said the building owners were forcing the shutdown to fix a leak in the ceiling that they can't find. Apparently, the dates are firm. If they cannot find it/fix it before September 5, the gym will reopen anyway and just still leak like it has for the past couple of years. And, she said, they will not be messing with the pool at all.

My swim was good. I tried to triple enjoy every single lap. I'll miss it, but I'm at peace with the break. I'm not so at peace with the treadmill but I'm committed so ok. I ran into Tija (the owner of the gym across the street) yesterday and discovered that she has her staff waiting for me to come in - she's giving me a discount for a month's membership. So, I cannot wiggle out of doing it now.

I guess I'll strap on my walking shoes this morning and go warm up the treadmill. Ugh. But ok. They don't open til 8 on Saturdays and not til 9 on Sundays. So my daily rhythm is on hold really til next week. The rhythm is key for me. I need to get into one or I will just wallow the month away and really regret it when I have no stamina and everything hurts when I move. So today, I'll join and then pledge to do 30 minutes on the treadmill 5 days a week - minimum. Until the pool opens again.

The cats are now, once again, stuffed into the cat tree bowl. They fight over it and then, reach some kind of truce, and decide it's an ok place for a nap. They'll be fighting over it again before lunch.



If the cats will let me, I hope to get another couple of rows done on the quilt. I did get all the batting and a lot more fabric cut yesterday so there is hope. It's hilarious to me that while my cutting their nails is HORRIBLE, they love to stick their paws in between the scissor blades.

Guess I'll go hang up my wet swimsuit for the last time :( til after Labor Day.


Communication is hard... apparently

My college degree is in Communications. My career was mostly in Communications jobs. I never thought it was a particularly difficult skill but I'm reconsidering that thought.

My cable company (not Comcast) touted their new billing system on Twitter today. So I went to look. I had to sign up for a new account. Signing up with the userid of susandennis. NO CAN DO - that username is taken. Well, yeah, cause I took it, back when I first signed up for online billing! But, whatever. Then I get into my account and ZERO history is there and my balance is incorrect. WTF?

After many tweets and emails, I am finally told that while the shiny new billing system is all ready to go, rolling in the account information and history will take some time. Again WTF??? Doesn't seem very ready to go to me. BUT, a heads up would have saved me some anguish and them some unfavorable tweets.

I came home this morning to discover that the elevators were out of service due to a long planned fire alarm audit. We'd gotten two emails about the fire alarm audit - reminding us that there will be noise and they may need to enter our units. Two emails, neither of which mentioned that they will also be shutting down the elevators.

In order to use the stairs, you need a different key from the one that opens the front and back doors and the door to the garage. Most of us do not use the stairwells and so do not carry the key normally.

A teeensy weensy little heads up might have prevented our little group from hanging around in the very warm lobby waiting for the elevators to come back into service. But then, our building manager and HOA board do not have Communications as their strong suit.


I was sooooo glad I did not have to pee.

I did go over and plunk down my $70 for a month's worth of gym. I count that as $35 of gym fee and $35 of incentive - you paid the money, it's stupid to waste it by not going so get your giant ass over there.

Before I found swimming, I used to torture myself over there regularly. So that's about 5 years ago or maybe 6. Their treadmills are quite updated. I walked for 15 minutes. It killed my hips which is so weird. I wore my fancy walking shoes that I bought last April. They don't hurt my hips walking on the sidewalk. I think tomorrow, I'm going to wear my Keens. Worst case I can do the elliptical machines but I hate those things.

Anyway, now I'm signed up and I'm on the hook. Back tomorrow.

I also popped into the little deli there and got a sandwich. That deli has changed hands a million times. Today's staff were slow as Christmas. As I waited and waited and waited for my sandwich, I decided I did not need to stop there any more. And then I got home and ate the sandwich. Either I was starving or they are now making very slow DELICIOUS sandwiches. I'm going to now have to go back and get another one just to find out.

I did manage to get some sewing done but had to quit when I got too much feline assistance. They have been going non stop so I'm sure they are going to crash here soon and I can get back to it.

Meanwhile I think I'll just take some time to pick up and clean up. There is kitty detritus everywhere.

Pictures - quilt and cats - that is all.

The boys let me add two more rows. I think I'm probably going to go with 12 total so we're half done with the non-binding part. And I think I probably have enough fabric already cut to finish.


The flip side is the same, just different pieces. I really do like it. And I'm still debating about the edging. I'm thinking navy blue OR more patchwork. OR something else.

Somebody discovered that there is land atop the kitchen cabinets!!! Also about 27 years of dust. UGH.


When he was cabinet climbing, he was reorganzing the hall shelves.


His brother helped with the sewing.