August 8th, 2019

Post grad - Kitten University

I have this little shelf just outside the kitchen. It's mainly a charging station for my backup phone. There are two magnetic bulletin boards above it. Lately, it's been a convenient Safe From Kittens area.

Guess who got up there last night?

And, in other post grad news, The Smalls now easily joins his brother on the bathroom counter. So now we're back to following into the bathroom. They sit on the counter and after they have pushed everything onto the floor, they just watch me.

They are going to knock the cat tree with basket over. They run from the other end of the house and land on it in hopes of getting there first. It rocks from side to side and they don't care one bit. The additions to the tree will be coming with a larger base. I didn't think I would really need it but Jarek (the builder) strongly suggested. I'm sooooooo glad he did. The Etsy listing says those bits could be here as early as next week. I hope so.

Meanwhile there are only two places, now, that are still kitty safe - the mantle and the big cupboard. The cupboard is temporary. One of them is going to figure it out sooner or later. Plus there's a nice cat bed up there. Hopefully the mantle will remain a safe zone - otherwise, there's no future for plants in this house.

I have enjoyed my swims extra extra muchly this week. The gym population gets smaller every day. Today the usually full parking lot was about 3/4ths empty. One more day.

It occurred to me this morning that I'll bet the computer that now runs our new FOB system is not backed up anywhere, is running an old version of Windows and has not been ever checked for malware. A lovely thought.

I'd love to get more work done on my quilt but that's pretty much kitty dependent. Right now, Biggie's on the prowl looking for trouble. The Smalls is protecting the basket from all invaders. They will likely switch roles any minute.

It's another cloudy, cool morning - Maybe I'll go take a walk while I'm waiting for them to settle down.


More kitten content??? You've got to be kidding

They let me get another strip added to my quilt!! They played with each other (and not with my stuff) in the room behind me while I sewed. It was a miracle.

A miracle that dissolved the very minute I got out the batting to cut more strips. Twice. I finally managed to get 3 cut before I had to put it away again.

I looked at the scratcher tree situation more closely and discovered they had just twisted it loose. I twisted was able to screw it back in and now it's far more stable and not wobbling at all. Whew. They have been trading places in it for a couple of hours - not gently.

I got a great shot of Biggie walking across a ruler so we have a record now of how big it was on August 8, 2019!


The Smalls was not nearly as cooperative.


But this gave me an idea. I got on the scales. And then I got on the scales with each of them individually.

Biggie was 5.44 pounds on July 17. Today he is 7.1 pounds.
The Smalls was 4.5 and now he is 4.8 but I think that is not right. I think my scientific weighing scheme hit a flaw there.

I walked up the street and got lunch and dipped into the little market. The little market is a kind of very upscale 7/11 without the drunks and homeless. They carry toothbrushes, sandwiches, bananas and toilet paper and pretty much everything in between. Their inventory has zero variety and their prices are sky high but, man, when you need an emergency onion, you are very glad they are there.

Also, they have phone pay so when I get a stupid message from Capital One, I always go there to test. I've been keeping them so I can say for sure that every six months, I get an email from Capital One saying that my credit cards have been successfully removed from Google Pay. If I did not initiate, I need to call them immediately. If I call them, they will cancel my cards and send me new ones and I'll have to redo every credit card everywhere and have about a week with no physical cards at all. If I do nothing, I've learned, my life is unchanged. But, I always do check and make sure Google Pay still works with the card.

Well, worth the $5 potato salad (which I know from past experience, is great potato salad).

My LED ceiling pot lights have been blinking and shutting off momentarily for the past two days. It's making me nervous. I do not want to hire an electrician.

I think I'll go and see if I can add one more quilt strip.

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A rare moment of not fighting for single occupancy. The Smalls has the pink/orange collar. Biggie looks like he's trying to be tolerant.


But the did let me add another strip! I think I'm going to stop at 11 strips so this sucker is coming right along.