August 7th, 2019

Morning person

I have always been a morning person as far back as I can remember. I've rarely seen midnight. But beyond sleep patterns, my brain is on full cylinders first thing in the morning and I start losing them about 7 or 8 am. Gradually, throughout the day, I'm less sharp, more slow, until I close my eyes to recharge and then wake up fresh and fast and on point.

I've been playing the bubble busting game on my phone. It gets increasingly more difficult with each round. I'm now to the point where I'll abandon it soon (and, for sure, start another one). I can replay each failed level over but I lose interest. I'll make a couple of tries, fail and then move on to do other things.

I've noticed this week that a level I could not complete after many tries the night before, is easy peasy if I do it in the morning. It's kind of freaky, the difference in my skill level night to morning.

asher63 posted a link for me to a fancy new pair of high tech swim goggles. I love the idea and would really love to try them and would be buying a pair right now... if... I had a pool to swim in for the next month. Sigh. I hate that I have to wait. But, on the other hand, I really don't need another swim tracker. I have one that keeps me posted (via ear buds) on how many laps I've done and what my pace is. I have my watch which gathers all manner of details swim data. And... it does not matter! I swim for an hour and stop. The clock on the wall handles that info for me.

And, I have no real desire or need to swim faster or better. But, I would be buying a pair today if I had a pool to swim in. Maybe in a month I'll lose my FOMO. Yeah, right.

I got a rather odd text from my sister-in-law. It's odd because it sounds like the middle of a conversation and I am missing the first part. But, I gather, from parsing that my brother's first day with his new knee was rather painful and today is better. At least I now know he survived the surgery.

The quilt batting arrived and now I think I need to make two quilts - one very light weight and one twice the weight. The biggest obstacle, I'm discovering, is feline. Cutting out fabric is a little bit of an issue but I fired up the auto laser pointer and that distracted them. But there is no distracting from the cutting up of the batting. They think that stuff is the greatest stuff ever.

Fortunately, it won't take long to get it all cut out but I have to wait until they are fast asleep to even start. Right now they are the very opposite of fast asleep.

I finished watching Keeping Faith on Acorn TV. Excellent. Series 2 will be on Acorn at the end of this month. I really do like Acorn TV. I like the offerings but also the Roku app is so simple and fast and easy to use.

So yesterday, the cats where taking turns in my lap. As each settled in, I would massage their paws to get them used to it for nail clipping. Biggie is the most amenable to this. So I got out the clippers to grab a nail or two. He decided that the time wasn't right. And the next thing I know, the clippers are missing. No worries. I have a backup pair. I went and got them and put them by the chair. I turned around twice and the backup pair was missing!

I finally located the first pair in the yarn. The backup pair is still MIA. So kittens 549 Susan 4


More Kitty University

I discovered today, two easy easy easy ways to wake a kitten up.

1. Sit down at a serger. You don't have to actually do anything. And, probably, a regular sewing machine will work, too. Both fast asleep in the living room. I go down the hall and do a couple of things. No kittens. I slip into the sewing room and sit down. KITTENS!! On Top of me!!!

2. Stand up at the kitchen counter and put your hand on the scissors. In seconds kittens go from dead asleep to sitting on whatever it is you want to cut and then proceed to paw the scissor blades.

But, finally they slipped into a coma and I got to work. Mainly I wanted to get the first panel set going to prove to me that I was on the right track.

Look here! It's me. On the right track!!


Here's the far edge of the quilt. Next I'll be adding more rows to these two... probably 9 more rows. It's working just as I had hoped. For this one I'm doing random piecing of random fabrics on both the front and the back. I have not decided what I'm going to do for the edging yet. I decided to quit while I was ahead for today. I'm pleased.

Earlier today, they were not napping and they were creating havoc as I tried to cut or sew. I looked and it was cloudy out and the temperature seemed rational so I thought I'd try for a walk. I had gotten this wild craving for a hamburger. It was only 10:30 but I was hungry and so why not. I walked over to Chinatown where there is a decidedly American burger place that does fast and acceptable burgers. And has a pleasant place to sit down and enjoy them. My Kindle and I did. Then I went next door to the Japanese grocery and snagged a couple of apples and some Spokane tomatoes that won't be great but will be better than normal, maybe. Then home. Walk Accomplished.

My brother called. He'd doing good. He noted that a knee replacement is way hurtier than when he had his hip replaced. But, drugs.

The whole FOB situation about which I had stressed myself beyond reason expecting the worst, turned out very fine. The FOBs themselves are very small. They could easily be carried in a wallet, for instance. I got one and a backup without even a fight at all. The housecleaner has go to to the office and get hers next week when she's here. No pain at all. And the building manager who is usually mean as a snake to me, could not have been nicer.It was a little weird.

The kitties are now awake again. Here's The Smalls helping himself to my crochet.