August 5th, 2019


I was wrong about the top entry litter box. It's turning out to be way better than I originally thought. Some litter gets on the floor but, honestly, not much at all. And both cats clearly love it - as measured by the number of clumps I scooped out this morning. Also way easier to scoop than that triangle thing. This one is a winner.

Good thing because the amount of food they are eating ensures that elimination will be a key ingredient in their maintenance. I've never had cats who packed it in like these two. I think I can safely move on to the more affordable larger sized cans.

Biggie got into the cat tree basket first this morning and is currently successfully defending his territory against It's My Turn Smalls. I kind of expected to get the 'shipped' notice for the new cat tree pieces by now. But, no peep so far.

I finally got the Echo clock fixed so that now the hands move and reflect the correct time and the pathway for cat interference has been removed. Hopefully, that's a more permanent fix.

OK Cat update... The Smalls decided to give up and go see what was new in the toy box across the room. Biggie was all 'there's a new toy???? in the toy box????' and immediately gave up his perch to examine. The Smalls was 'ha! gotcha! no new toys but let's wrestle some'. And that's what they are doing now.

Oh wait! here's Stickie!

Never Ending Cat Theater.

It's not yet Africa hot out so as soon as I finish this entry, I'll be hitting the pavement. And then back home to my beloved air conditioner. I don't really have anything I need to go out for today, hopefully.

I might get a good start on the quilt I have planned. Maybe. The first bit of it - like really the first half is cutting out all the pieces and the best place to do that is on the kitchen counter with the air conditioning so excellent project for this week.

There is no baseball today. Which, in the Good News column, means no Mariner loss. Whew and yeah!


Anything but Trader Joe's

I really love a lot of Trader Joe's stuff. But about an equal number of items just suck. Their tortillas, their sushi, their fresh spring rolls to name a few.

And now I guess we can add cat food. They have three flavors of canned cat food. Biggie and The Smalls will snarf up anything and everything except... Trader Joe's cat food. They will eat it. But, they clearly do not love it. Oh well. Now we know.

When they aren't napping or bugging me, they are totally getting into trouble. I hear stuff mysteriously falling off counters. I hear thuds. I hear whining. It's gotten so that I no longer hop up to see what's happened. I wait until I've had a few moments to remember what joy they bring before I go and see what carnage they've wrought. It works.

For my efforts, they will come put on a show for me. Like this one this morning. (Edit: removed video because I couldn't get it to work. No biggie. Just two cats wrestling and having a good time :) - it's on Flickr for anyone who really wants to see.)

I did a test of my quilt technique and it worked beautifully. But, I didn't start cutting. I don't have the exact batting to test with yet so I'm holding off. The batting should be here tomorrow and once I get it tested and see that it's going to work even better (which I think is going to be the case) then I'll start cutting. I'm quite jazzed about this project.

Tonight is the monthly home owners meeting. I think I'll go. I haven't been in a while and there's no baseball game. The meetings generally piss me off but I think I can just slap on my stone face and keep my mouth shut and it will be fine.

According to texts from my brother's wife, he came through the knee surgery fine. Probably won't be doing any Olympic genuflecting soon but, as long as he can ride his bike and walk down the street, he'll be happy.