July 24th, 2019

New day

It's so cloudy and cool this morning that the air conditioner is off, door is open and the kittens are outside bird hunting or probably just leaf watching. Well, Biggie is. The Smalls is here curled up in my lap.

I don't know everything that happened here while I was at the game last night but there was a half written email on the laptop that someone forgot to send. Not to self: shut the lid before you leave next time. K.

The game sucked. Seriously, I've seen some bad Mariner play in my day but these last few games have been worse than usual. It's really just not fun. My next game is Friday and, at least, it has some promise. Not baseball but it's a tribute to the Women's soccer team which will be fun and then there are fireworks after. So the usual baseball suckage will maybe sting less.

I did hear from the cat tower building guy. He is going to draw up a plan for adding on to my current cat tree. He's the best. If you want excellent cat furniture, check out https://www.etsy.com/shop/CatsCozySpace. He's in Poland so shipping is slow and pricey but oh so worth it. I spent some time yesterday 'shopping' for other options that were attractive and still give scratching options as well as height. I found zero that I would want in my living room. I'm thrilled that I can tailor what I have.

My new tech is coming today, not yesterday. I read the date wrong. According to the tracking it arrived in Seattle an hour ago.

I love tracking numbers.

The kittens are growing so fast. Already Biggie looks like a regular sized cat. And they are losing their kitten-ness. They let me sleep all night last night with no nose biting. Biggie slept next to me most of the night. They still knock over the dirty clothes hamper every night and spend some quality time playing in it and on it, but, they are clearly going to be certified cats soon. Silky and sweet. But, no longer kittens.

Maybe then I can move my house plants back to their regular spots. For now I have moved them all to the mantle. The boys were not trying to eat them like regular cats, they were starting to dig in the dirt.

Today there will be outings. I think I'm going over to Goodwill. I haven't been in a while. I have a couple of things on my list.

Then, this afternoon, I'm going over to a little restaurant in a neighborhood a little northeast of here that makes fried okra. I may go for an early dinner or maybe just pop in there this afternoon and get some to go.

I got a check from Safeway. My piece of a class action pot. $4.80. I'm going to put it into savings.



Kittens no more

This is what they looked like in the 'bowl' three weeks ago. (Biggie's in the back.)

Biggie and The  Smalls

Here's Biggie today. That's The Smalls waiting his turn.


Here's The Smalls today.


Well, Doh!

Last night I was talking to Erica who has the seat next to me at the ballpark and we were bitching about Aaron Goldsmith the 2nd worst Mariners announcer (the worst one isn't doing it any more YEAH!). They switch off and when Aaron is on TV, I hit mute and either read the CC or listen to the radio. I was explaining about the PIA of the radio delay when I have the TV on mute And Erica said - well, you could maybe delay the TV recording?

YES!!! It actually does work. And it's quite the relief. Especially for today's game which we are now currently not losing.

I showed them (Erica and Julie) a much better way to collect snacks and goodies to take out to the seats. Now the favor has been appropriately returned. Can't wait to tell her.


I have an enhanced driver's license which means I can go to Canada via ground (car, bus, train). Or rather, I can come home from Canada... But if I want to fly or swim or take a boat, I'm SOL. There's a very slim chance, but a chance, that I might want to do that, so today I looked up the passport requirements. And that's how I discovered pass cards. Apparently now you can travel to Canada by air or sea with this pass card (also Mexico and some other places I don't care about). For $30. SOLD.

I have to fill out a form, and then make an appointment to get my picture taken and turn in the form. The place is just down the road and easy to get to from here. I found an old passport for Proof Of Me so now I'm all set.


Jarek is the name of the guy in Poland who made my cat tree. He came through in spades with the perfect fix. It will look great and work fine. As of this morning, they no longer love to share the basket. I'm going to have to pay for fast shipping from Poland.

Here's the drawing he sent. He's going to send the bigger octopus and another pole. It's going to work fine and look nice. I'm jazzed.


Still waiting for my new tablet to be delivered. I'm guessing it will be here about 4 ish.

Jones is satisfied

I had fried oysters and fried okra for dinner. Heaven. I went early in hopes of dodging traffic. I did. However, I totally miscalculated the after-early-dinner traffic. A nightmare.

But I brought some okra home for the freezer. Future heaven. (These are toaster oven trays.)


My new tech arrived and it took about 15 minutes total to realized that there's a reason Google has decided to quit making tablets. They actually didn't quit soon enough. Happily there's a 15 day free return window. It's totally going back. Oh well, now I know.

The Mariners actually won the game.

I had to make The Smalls a new collar. I made a new one for Biggie yesterday. At least now they are each used to wearing a collar and bells so I can make them bigger with a little more growing room.