July 23rd, 2019

This n that


I mean really, how cute are they? I'll tell you. They are just adorable. Even when they are knocking shit over and getting into stuff they should not. I just caught Biggie eating something weird. Likely not food. Hopefully it was something benign and harmless. They also have distinct personalities. And still they enjoy each other a lot.

Stickie lives and we've been playing with it all morning. I wave it around and the two of them jump and catch and miss and chase. Then I let them win. They toss it back and forth and then Biggie - always Biggie - grabs the feather end in his mouth and hops up here into my chair and hands it to me ... and we begin again.


I keep thinking they are going to run out of steam. Then I remember they are kittens.

Today is a Diamond Club day which means early dinner at the stadium and baseball tonight. But, before then... I think both kittens need new collars. Also the padding at the top of their scratching post has come loose. I need to stitch it down or replace it with something that won't slide off.

I haven't heard from the guy in Poland about adding an other basket to the scratching post. Which is weird. He's very responsive usually.

My new tech toy arrives today. It's coming on OnTrac and they usually don't get here until after lunch. I'm kind of impressed that Google has it's shit together enough to get it here this fast. Their hardware division has issues. But, still, I buy. Sigh.

The clouds are back which is heaven in my book. I'm sure they will burn off promptly but until then, blinds are up and I can enjoy daylight without the heat or glare of the sun. The weatherman on last night's news said we are going to miss the smoke/bad air of August like we've had the past two summers. I sure hope he's right.


The way they are sitting makes it look like The Smalls (on the right) is bigger than Biggie. Not so.