July 18th, 2019

Kitty Kuddles

Last night - well, this morning really - I woke up about 3. I had two kittens snuggled in next to me. They woke up, too. They stretched and then cuddled up even closer into my neck. I went back to sleep thinking that there really was no better feeling in all the world.

After yesterday's visit to the vet, I now have a feeling that these two are here to stay. I'm not at all sure why I didn't have it before. The vet should have made no difference but it did. And while they are still lively, I also feel like their true kitten-hood is already winding down.

But, there are still wonderful hijinx. Last night Biggie played fetch with me. With is stick! I'd dangle it high above their heads and they'd jump and catch it or not. The Smalls doesn't try hard but Biggie works at it. He either wins outright or I let him win. Last night he'd tussle around with it on the floor and then grab the feather in his mouth and jump up and drop it in my lap. And we'd do it all again... and again... and again... It was pretty funny.


The pool chemicals are off again. Yesterday and today it was verging on green and it's been cloudy. I complained yesterday and today, Frank told me that the pool guy came yesterday and it was still bad today which means it will likely stay this way for a while. Oh well, that was a really good week we had.

Today I need to make breakfast burritos ... again. And get out the Flowbee and trim up my hair (the kittens should love that). And cut my fingernails back down to reasonable. And walk around the block.

I watched some of Showtime last night and I don't think I'm going to need 3 months worth. Or one month's worth.

I've been thinking all week that my next baseball game (Diamond Club) was Friday night but turns out it's Saturday which suits me way better. Then the following week I have tickets for Tuesday and Friday.



Ok so, kittens + flowbee = GET THE FUCK OUT OF HERE!!!!! And while it's been great with their nails all trimmed down, the Flowbee flee was so sudden that one of them stabbed my toe and I had to stop the haircut to staunch the blood flow.

Can I blame that for cutting too much off of one spot? Otherwise, good cut. No chit chat.

One load of laundry now washing.

10 breakfast burritos made mostly without the help of the kittens although they did come investigate towards the end.

All the fixing stuff washed and put away. As soon as the wash is done and I can put the load into the dryer, I'm going out for my walk around the park.

Oh and nails are now the length that is way better for typing! I still wish I had a good, handy manicurist to fix the cuticles and shape them nicely. Also wish I had a masseuse. Having neither isn't a tragedy. Way too many negatives in that sentence.

Think I'll blast some bubbles while the washer finishes.