July 10th, 2019

Another rainy day!

This is a rare treat - rain in July. It's not terribly cool but rain is rain and /I'll take it especially when the norm is glaring sun and hot. Of course here inside Kitten Kingdom, it really does not matter one bit.

So the latest is that now they have lost interest in wet cat food. When I got back from the pool this morning, they hopped up on the counter to the feeding area. There was water and dry food already there but I cleaned the wet dish and put two clumps of wet food on it.

Then, they proceeded to fight over the dry food. The bowl is small so their heads kept bumping. I grabbed another dish, put dry food in it and set it down next to the one they were fighting over. Made not one bit of difference to them. They ignored the new bowl, they ignored the wet food, they continued to fight over the dry. WTF?

Last night zero kitties woke me up. When I woke up on my own in the middle of the night, zero kitties were to be found. When I woke up this morning, and threw off the covers, I ended up covering two kitties who had been sleeping on my side. Apparently we're still establishing our sleep situation. At least the eating of my nose phase is out - at least for now.

We have lost the stick. It may be under the bed. But, this is why I went stick shopping yesterday. I got out another one.


It has now been wedged in the arm of the chair I am sitting in. One kitten is on one side and one is other the other and they are threading it back and forth.

Oh and the answer to What Part of Stay Off The Keyboard Do You Not Understand is... none of the parts. We do not understand AND/OR we choose not to comply.

Biggie lost the bells on his collar. Happily I have backups.

They have now chosen the litter box in the cupboard. Apparently, they like their privacy. I ordered a corner one for my bathroom. As a backup/more room situation. It arrives today and then we'll be all settled... litter box speaking. Not bad for one week's work.

Another day of nothing but kitties on the agenda. Not a bad life. I am thinking maybe it's cool enough to take a lunch time walk. Maybe up to the teryiaki chicken place. I have not had any of that in a while.


Kitten updates - Kupdates?

They did end up eating all the wet food. No clue when but it's gone.

The new little box arrived. It has a door on it and I thought the door might be a problem. I thought about taking it off. But, I put the litter in and latched down the top and took it into the bathroom and set it on the floor.

The kittens were on it like white on rice.

What the what???


Yep. Not a problem.


Then they proceeded to go in and out and in and out and in and out. And, yeah, I just ordered a mat to catch the litter they track out. Oh here comes The Smalls. He must be done playing. And here's his brother. Now they are raiding the toy box.

The door is kind of cool, really. And there's a place in the lid to put the scooper.

non kitten update

Ok. It's official. I need to get off my ass. Sitting watching kittens is breaking my back and my stamina.

I just walked 4 blocks over and 4 blocks back to the teriyaki place. It is mainly flat-ish. And I went slowly and I am whipped. It is really really humid out which is different for here. It is warm and drippy but not horrible. Still, just that walk did me in. Because I have not moved enough.

That's the end of that shit. Walk around the block - minimum - regardless of weather. If Africa hot, get in the car and drive to Costo and walk around Costco in the air conditioning. Skip zero days. Do it or else.

Ok, little kitten update. For some reason, The Smalls is getting a turn solo in the scratching post bowl. Not sure how he got the honor but Biggie is down here in the chair sprawled out next to me.

Everybody appears calm and happy. Me included!