July 7th, 2019

Day 4

I was thinking this morning, as these two raced from one end of the house to the other, that it is Sunday and only last Wednesday morning, they woke up in a box on the FeLV ward of the shelter. And... look at 'em now!

Here's Biggie, just sitting in the litter box... 'bring me a magazine, will ya, hon?'


Her's The Smalls trying to climb Mount Air Conditioner.


Last night was a little better. I did dish out food at 1 am and that helped but at the 3:30 wake up call, they still had some. The Smalls was fine - snoozeville nestled up to me but Biggie wanted to eat my nose. Badly. It was a fight. But, finally he calmed down. They entertained themselves in the closet for a while while I slept in. It was fine over all.

Now, Biggie is on his perch and The Smalls is here trying mightily to get onto this keyboard. I did find a box lid that successfully covers the keyboard when I'm not using it. She can hop on this and not cause a problem.


We're watching the soccer game. I know diddly squat about soccer but that official/referee is so tiny. And that field is just fucking huge. From one end to the other is a day trip for me. I'd hire a golf cart for the trip.

I never did get the car out in the heat of the day yesterday.But, in fairness, it never got really hot. I'm absolutely going to take it out today. After the soccer game and before the baseball game, I'll pop out for a quick errand and A/C test.

Otherwise no big plans - just the usual with lots of laser tag in between.

Best kitty shenanigans so far

I took the car out to test the A/C - COLD air!!! I stopped into Daiso (the Japanese dollar store) to get a few things and picked up a stick with a feather tail on it.

When I got home, I tucked it - tail down - into the arm of my chair. Both boys were asleep and I wanted to surprise them with it.

Cut to after nap time. They had a snack and then chased each other for a bit. I was on my phone playing a game when they discovered the stick. I could not get to a stopping place before they had, together, wrestled the stick out of the chair and were both playing with it... without me!!

They are still going after it 20 minutes later. I haven't gotten a turn!!

Ok, finally got a turn.


I put it away and Biggie is so confused. I gave him another toy and he took it down the hall. Now The Smalls is in the tower and Biggie is even more confused. Ahhh he just discovered where I hid the stick. FYI Biggies says it is THE BEST THING EVER!!!!

Now he's brought it up to the chair. The fun never stops.


I also moved the food up to the counter. I showed them were it was one time and now they both easily hop up there. My back is delighted and so am I!


The food stash is in that cupboard just above and I can wash the dishes in the sink next to it. So much easier.

Also in the good news department, the AC in the car is blowing cold! I'm gong to test it again in the morning. But, I guess it's time to cancel my appointment with Mercedes. YEAH!

Baseball time. And I have poke bowl for dinner. So things here are excellent.