June 28th, 2019

The last day before summer

Summer, to me, represents long, horrible hot days of unrelenting blinding sun. And tomorrow, that starts. Happily it's only for two months but those are generally two really long months. I'll turn on the air conditioner and be oh so grateful for it. I'll hunker down and try to not leave the house after 6:30 am. I'll bitch about it a lot here in my journal. Today promises to be cloudy until about noon and then it will begin. Labor Day cannot get here soon enough.


I did get out to snap some shots of the viaduct destruction. This is across the street from my condo on 1st Avenue. It's kind of fucking with my pool commute and will for a few more weeks. And then the entire road will be history. It's going to be weird without it.

I finished Season 3 of The Good Fight last night. Such a good show. Really. I'm going to get to the end of my book - Mrs. Everything - tonight. I'm really going to miss those people.

I'm now on day 3 of my new haircut and I'm more impressed every day. When you wear your hair short, you generally wait until it looks like shaggy shit to get it cut and then they cut is way too short and so you have a couple of new hair cut weeks until it gets right again for a while then lather, rinse, repeat. When you cut it yourself, you can go right to 'right again' immediately cause follow up appointments are really easy to get. Such a good deal all the way around.

No big plans for today. Sewing, crochet, baseball... the usual. And enjoying the last cool morning.


mini update

I made a dress today - it's a long dress made out of a knit sheet. I may wear it to the pool but mostly I made it for just hanging in the house when it's too hot for pants. Thank you person who donated your amazingly soft king bed jersey sheet to Goodwill! I still have enough left over for a shirt or trim or something.

I watched the first episode of the Netflix Designated Survivor. I loved that show to start with and then got really bored with it and lost interest at the end of Season 2. But Season 3 is Great! So Yeah.

I'm having dinner delivered. Now that Amazon no longer delivers, I went to a couple of my favorite restaurants to see what their deal is. Test #1 is DoorDash for Shanghai Gardens. One order of Mongolian Beef and one order of General Tso's Chicken. Dinner tonight and future dinners.

I may or may not swim tomorrow. I may wait until tomorrow to decide.


The website says my dinner will be here at 5:29. At 6pm, no word so I complain on Twitter. Doordash replies. At 6:10, the website says it will be here at 5:22. At 6:12, the website says it was delivered. I reply to Doordash asking how I can get my money back. Their response is that the quickest way to resolve the issue is to call me.

WTF????? What the fuck do you need to call me for???? My dinner arrives at 6:25. The driver calls from the street and says he's going to leave it there on the sidewalk by the front door.

FUCK NO, I said. When I got down there he said that there was a lot of traffic. The restaurant is a mile from here. Traffic, my aunt Fanny.

Doordash says they want to give me a $10 credit on my account and to let them know. I replied What do you want to know???

They want to know if they can apply the credit to my account. OMG.

To add insult to injury the food was really not good. Really. Not even good enough to freeze to eat later.

That was a very expensive endeavor. I may try Doordash again. Not soon. The restaurant is now officially off the list.