June 26th, 2019


When I got home from the pool this morning I had coffee and my breakfast burrito as usual but I was so sleepy that I went back to bed and slept for an hour and a half. I hate sleeping in the day. I hate to give up those hours and I wake up feeling like I've been drugged. Ugh.

I think I'll go to Costco. I need gas. I can ask about these prescriptions that won't transfer and I can get pizza. I've been jonesin' for some pizza for a while now. Oh and I can check on irons. I think my fancy assed iron is dying. I'm not going to replace it until it's toast and or another fancy assed iron has a massive price reduction (Amazon Prime Days) but I want to see what they have before I commit. And maybe get some steak. So, yeah, Costco.

Turns out the grand design I created in my head yesterday wasn't that grand at all and didn't even work. Pivot. But modifications were made and I will have a white top (reflect sun) with Mariner fabric for trim, that has giant (for ventilation) long (sunblock) sleeves. It's still going to clearly ensure I am sent home from Project Runway but it will work. I need to add pockets and finish it off. I have time. And the weather models show cooler and cloudier on July 4th than they showed yesterday so maybe I won't even need it.


Costco wins

Turns out today was the first day of Costco coupon which I never pay attention to but sure will from now on. Holy crap on a stick. If you were not at my Costco this morning, you are a special snowflake... everyone else in the freakin' world was.

But, it really was not a problem. I waited one car length for gas. Then I stood in line at the Pharmacy and read my kindle and finally got to the person who told me I had to go to the drop off window (which had no line at all). A very very very nice guy there looked and told me they had my request for transfer but were having trouble getting a hold of Humana Pharmacy. I can relate, hence the transfer request! He asked if I had shopping to do (yes) and could give them 15 mins. Sure!

I researched irons and breathe right strips and flonaise and then found everything else on my list except for some butter crackers I wanted to try. Next time. I also discovered they had the rice I like back in stock. Nice.

Back to pharmacy and all was fixed!!! My divorce from Humana Pharmacy is final. Even their stupid website says so. Hallefuckingluya.

They now have a couple of self checkout lines at Costco!

On to pizza. I discovered two little tables around on the side that no one else had found. Got my pizza and enjoyed it enormously.

Job well done.