June 21st, 2019

Have fun with that!

Frank, the front desk guy at the gym: Bye! I'll see you on Monday!
Me: Oh! You getting tomorrow off?
Frank: Yep, the whole weekend.
Me: Well, have a great time!
Frank: There will be newbies here tomorrow so... have fun with that.

Ha. My whole swim this morning I was thinking maybe I'll take tomorrow off. Thanks, Frank, decision made. These days, on Saturdays, there is a huge pickup basketball game that gathers before the doors open and every week bitch loudly that they aren't open yet. All we need is newbies, who will likely no even be there on time, in that mix. Plus, there's that Saturday woman who always nearly knocks me over to get in the pool before me. She walks, not swims, in the pool which is fine except she refuses to share her lane. Plus, I have the concert tomorrow afternoon. So... yep, tomorrow's a skip.

I'm finding it easier and easier to skip swims which has me a little worried. This morning, I was not into going at all. Once I hit the water, though, I'm always glad I'm there and this morning was no different in that respect.

I'm still trying to get my prescriptions transferred. Costco has an app that is kinda barebones/barely operational. I have five prescriptions to transfer. One went great. First time. The other four won't go. At the pharmacy, a week or so ago, the tech gave me a business card for the manager if I ran into trouble. I sent an email to the address on the card, explaining the issues and asking for help. The email came back address unknown.

Today I was in the app trying to find some clue when I hit upon an email address that appears to cover both the Costco pharmacy and the app. So I sent my email to it. And...YEAH! I got robot email back with a case number so I feel like I'm at least making progress. I'm still a couple of weeks away from needing to refill so all's cool... so far.

My new Oasis Kindle arrived yesterday. It's actually now the old Oasis since they have announced a new one coming out soon. They dropped the price of the original and I traded up. It's way nicer than my Paperwhite. It's nicer to hold and it has page turning buttons which sounds silly but, in real life, is fabulous.

I spent a long time yesterday cleaning up my Kindle library. And now it's all empty of crud - samples, library books I turned in eons ago, and other junk I don't want/need. Just nicely full of books I want to read.

Because of aforementioned Kindle fiddling, I never did get to the sewing room yesterday but I think I'm going to do that today.

Tonight is dinner and the baseball game.

It's still mercifully cool here and cloudy. I could live with this weather forever.



I got a text from Costco that one of the prescriptions that I could not get transferred was ready to be picked up! I looked in the app and, sure enough, 2 out of the 4 that I wanted transferred are there.

I haven't gotten a follow up to the case number so I'm guessing they are still working on it but... progress!

In the text, they give me the price. In this case $338.33. Choke. But, it's in line with what I paid for the same stuff this time last year and still way less than the cost of cigarettes (which is how I came to need this particular prescription in the first place!).

I'll wait until I hear from the case number before I go pick it up, I think.

I got good sewing done and some other chores as well. And it's still early afternoon. I don't need to leave for the game til 5.

I have a new library book... nice.