June 13th, 2019

Thursday already?

Today is supposed to be cooler which is good because I have errands. I have a return to drop off at Amazon. I need salad from Grocery Outlet and I want a dozen Gay Cupcakes (4 would be fine and I may end up only getting 6 but they are only available in June and they donate a portion of the proceeds and they are so pretty. I have room in the freezer so maybe even a dozen. Maybe.)

Today's baseball game starts at 10.I want to get out and back before it heats up anyway. But the cupcake place doesn't open til 8 and Amazon and GO don't open til 9 and it's not quite 7:30 yet. So waiting...

Also I have laundry going. Just one load but I told the researcher that I'm meeting tomorrow in the coffee shop that I'd be wearing a purple Pride Ally t-shirt. Said shirt, however, was at the bottom of the dirty clothes bin. Fixing that now. Also found another Proud to be an Ally shirt at Amazon so ordered that up. June is too long a month for one shirt plus, there are all the other months.

I am spending money like The Tree That I Hate is growing it. My plan to make my spending public isn't working that well. Also bills due. I just paid my car registration $199. When you live in a state with no state income tax, you get to pay that income tax in the form of higher sales taxes, outrageous taxes on restaurant dining, car rentals, hotels and booze as well as car registrations.

The pool was nicely populated again today. I don't mind swimming alone but it's more fun with other people around. I swim faster. Plus, like today, when I get big splashy swimmers on both sides, I expend way more energy keeping on top of the waves. More bang for my swim buck.


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Just saw this on Twitter from the Seattle Weather Blog:

🌬The winds of change are brewing!

Cool, damp ocean air is lurking at our doorstep, poised to flood into the region overnight. Expect a gray & chilly start to the day tomorrow.

👏 Praise be! 👏

Lovely news. I love my air conditioner but even more, I love not having to use it.

In other news, I'm totally over the Amazon shutting down restaurant delivery. A little internetting has revealed that precious few restaurants in this town eschew delivery. They all use one service or another and some use many. So now I can get delivery from any restaurant, not just the ones Amazon has. Ha! Freedom! I still probably won't but I'm glad to know I can. I have my eye on some Kung Pao Beef from Shanghai Gardens here sometime soon!

It is so lovely to sew in the cleaned up sewing room. The swimsuit cover up I made a week or so ago needed some tweaks. All fixed now.

Time now to get back to Bosch.