June 6th, 2019

So far...

I expected my swim today to be a difficult one. I was afraid of breathing problems during and after. I was wrong, wrong, wrong. I've been out of the water and home now for more than an hour and no sign of lung issues. I'm so hopeful.

It wasn't my fastest swim ever. But it sure was good to stretch out and just swim and swim and swim. For most of the hour I swam, I was the only person in the pool. Finally, one of the regulars showed up but I did miss my buds.

Last night's Mariners game was way better than usual which easily made up for the Tuesday night game I attended. Today's game is this afternoon. Fingers are crossed.

I found two more shirts that I like enough to add pockets. I also found two that I like well enough to share with Goodwill. And that ends our Spring Closet Inventory! I'll probably add those pockets today or at least get started.

I need to find my next audio book. I'll finish up the latest one tonight. And other little this-es and that-s. Nothing big. Just the usual stuff of living.

siobhan63 is creating the greatest Add People To Your LJ Friends list entry. I'm quite enthused about it. It will be fun to fill out and read the responses.


The new improved (well, really just different) Friendzy!

siobhan63 came up with this idea of finding new friends on Live Journal. Her thought was that the usual friendzies were asking questions that did not fit her own style and maybe others as well. I agreed totally and loved her concept. She gathered info from other people and put together this great list of introduction information. I agreed to host it but really, the work is hers.

It works the same way as all the others. In a comment below, copy the contents of the first box and then answer any or all of the questions you like. (Start your answer after the < /b >.) The point is to provide information that will attract new friends and give you more cool Live Journals to read.

[Edit: I had no idea LJ had a word limit for comments! Wow. So this list is probably too long. Sorry. I just cut the bottom of mine off and put it in a different comment.]

Copy the stuff in this box into your comment:

And then, why not share this handy link so that others can find this entry and, as they say, lather, rinse, repeat!

Just copy the contents of this box into an entry on your own journal! This one's just copy/paste/post.

More misc

There was no sewing today. Just not enough time. Being retired takes time!

I spent way too long this morning revisiting my HTML and CSS roots. siobhan63 said she didn't know how to make the code work for a Friendzie. I didn't either but I wanted to find out so I hunted. Hard. And no joy. I found many examples and no how to's.

So I reverse engineered by studying the code of the pages of examples. I'd forgotten a lot but remembered a lot, too. Once I got the basics, then I wanted fancy. I didn't want teeny weeny little boxes of code. I wanted bigger. Then I wanted color framed. Then I wanted a little margin... etc. It was frustrating and fun and incredibly satisfying.

Years ago, I was interviewing for a job at Microsoft with a small group. One of the group asked me if I knew how to code a certain thing and I said that no, sorry, I did not. BUT I was very good at finding examples and copying code so my not knowing was no a hindrance to making it happen. Later the hiring manager told me that that answer is what nailed their decision to make me the offer. In the olden days it was so easy. Thankfully, LJ still embraces old shit.

I took a walk up the street to check out the 1st Thursday craft market in the park. It was underwhelming but I discovered that my lungs are still a bit fragile. They are fine when I'm sitting here. But make 'em work harder and they bitch. Happily the rescue inhaler and cough pearls did their job. I also tested Google Pay. There was another beta update to my phone and I get twitchy that they will fuck it up. They did not. I bought a chicken salad sandwich to prove it.

I found a couple of interesting audio books to try in the library and the Mariner game has been interesting. They are down by 1 in the bottom of the 9th and likely won't recover but at least it has been interesting.

Chicken and leftover eggplant casserole for dinner.

Nice Day.