June 1st, 2019

My happy place is the dollar store

Sad but true.

When I was little, my paternal grandparents lived in a tiny Missouri town. My grandmother was a mean woman who didn't like most things including children. She has horsehair furniture. We were required to wear dresses. Bare legs on scratchy sofas. And we had to be totally quiet.

Her husband was a joy and a delight which made it better but what made it the best was that we got to walk 'downtown' by ourselves and go to the dimestore. OMG I was in heaven. I used to save my pennies for these visits, plus my grandfather would slip us each a quarter.

I'd wander around that store for days on end. I loved hearing the wooden floor creak under my feat. I loved looking at all the wonderful things available to buy and choosing which one I wanted - carefully debating between the press on fingernails (which my mother would hate but I would love), a little sewing kit and some felt, or maybe some candy AND a new pencil. I can close my eyes right now and smell that store.

The Dollar Tree holds me in the same trance. Only now I really don't have to chose, I can buy whatever I want. Heck I can buy two of what ever I want. But, still, I wander up and down the aisles and just enjoy. It amuses me, how much I love it. Other stores make me twitchy. The dollar store is home.

After my swim today, I went to the dollar store. And I had a great time. Usually, a trip to the dollar store also means fried chicken as the Popeye's is kitty cornered. But, alas, today's trip was chickenless. In two hours I'm going to be grazing at an all you can eat buffet followed by 4 hours of in seat ordering of free food at the baseball game so ... no chicken.

Next time.

I'm doing laundry now. Two loads will do it. And I think I have a new sewing project in the pipeline. I want a new swim suit cover up to wear to the pool in summer. The one I have is fine, I just want another one. And I have scraps and stash and a good idea. My perfect combo.

But, first, I need to put the dollar store goodies away.

The game starts at 4 so the buffet is set up at 2. Not that much time. And I just remembered I was going to add pockets to the Mariners shirt I planned to wear, Hmmmm