May 28th, 2019

The last cool day...

It's lovely and cool and quiet here this morning and I think this may be it until Fall. At least for the cool part. I'll miss it. They finally did turn off that giant compressor last night about 7:15 pm. The quiet was nearly deafening then. And so welcome. Of course probably way more welcome to those who had been without power for nearly 24 hours.

I did forget to mention how luxurious it was, when the power was out, to have my phone back on an unlimited plan. So nice to just fire up a hot spot and get connection without the burden of knowing the meter was running.

I'm so far undecided about the happenings today. Zoey would be happy if I went out and got some cat food. I have plenty but I'm down to the last can of her favorite. The closest place to get more isn't all that close and I am lazy. And I have plenty of the second favorite so that, on its own doesn't seem like enough to get me out. I could, however, hop in the trolley that stops a block over and ride to Capital Hill where there are a couple of catfood places and my favorite poke bar... Around lunchtime. Take advantage of the last cool day. Maybe.

I have two more shirts that need pockets. It would be nice to get at least one of those done. I don't want to start anything new until all the pockets are in.

Zoey is taking her morning nap on my lap which makes it even more difficult than usual to get up off my ass.