May 27th, 2019

It could be so much worse

We are now entering hour 10 of zero electricity. The World's Loudest Generator for the apartment building across the street kicked in at 9:20 last night when the lights went out. It's apparently to power the lobby and parking garage and, probably elevators for that building. My sliding glass doors are my only access to fresh air. So fresh air and the insidious drone of a jet engine or door closed and no air and the unrelenting noise of a smaller jet engine.

For what promises to be 13 hours straight. IF they project restoration time of 10 am this morning holds.

I had just finished brushing and flossing and getting ready for bed. I was actually sitting in bed playing a game on my tablet and listening to my book. Alexa turns out the small light at 9:30 and my first thought was 'wow' it seems way darker than usual. Oh yeah it was.

I found the status screen for the electric company and learned that I was one of 900 some odd customers all around the 'hood who were blessed with no juice. The site said that they were investigating and restoration could be expected by 10 am Monday.

So I tried to sleep. Instantly, I missed not being able to adjust my adjustable bed.

About an hour later an email came in from the building manager saying the electricity was out and would be restored by 4 am. He sent another about midnight saying that restoration was now 10 am. Sooooo helpful. That guy annoys the heck out of me regardless of what he does. I admit it.

I slept ok. I kept waking up and being annoyed by that damn generator. But then trying to self soothe with the realization that it was a holiday. The number of people that were going to be stressed by this is kind of low. I was going to swim this morning and, honestly, I could if I really wanted to. Getting my car out would be a bitch but I could find a bus or I could find a Lyft. I would actually seriously consider the bus option IF I could be guaranteed that when I got home we would have juice. The showstopper is the 4 floors of very steep flights of stairs to get back to here.

I don't have to be anywhere. No one is expecting me. I can just hole up here like the pioneers with my tech running on batteries.

But, also no coffee. I could have cereal for breakfast. Great idea that I just acted on. Frosted Flakes. Nice. Zoey's trying to horn in on the goods.

Also the thought I kept having last night was that at least it's not August. At least it's not hot. Whew.

The last power outage we had was Christmas Eve. But that was only 7 hours. Prior to that, except for a couple of planned outages, we'd never lost power before in the 26 years I've lived here.

Thank goodness I have enough juice in this laptop and a back up laptop that is fully charged and a bunch of ready external batteries. It's now 8 am and the power company's website says estimated restoration is 10:20.

And... I stopped to go feed Zoey (and give her just a teaspoon of the Frosted Flakes milk so she'd leve me alone) and the lights came back on 8:10. Interestingly, the power company's website says it was updated 8:15 and we're still out with up time still projected for 10:20.

But, I have coffee so who cares???!!!

That damn generator is still going. Geesh. Those parking lot attendants who sit right there next to it must be going nuts. Not to mention those people who's apartments are just above it.

The drama concludes. New plan for the day is probably sewing. Yes, I could get dressed and go swim but I've lost the fins for it now.

And... just got an email from the ever so helpful building manager saying that the power has been restored. He did not sign it Royal Randy Of The Redundant but I think he was just excited about having electricity back and he forgot.

Way worse but not for me

I just found out that the apartments across the street... they still do not have power. 20 hours so far. And their estimated restoration time now is 7 pm, an hour and a half from now. Un real. At least they are renters and have legit management to bitch to and hold accountable. Also they can get in and out of their garage and they might have elevator service. But, still. Yikes. You just don't expect this in the city.

The generator is still roaring but this new news gives me a little more patience with it. Plus I shut the door, turned on both the a/c and the tv. I can't even hear it now.

I kind of wasted today. I did get one more shirt pocketed. I think days that don't start with a swim just feel wasted. Silly and not logical. But I do think I'll get good sleeps tonight and be hot to trot at 4:30 tomorrow morning.