May 26th, 2019


I don't know why, but putting on clothes that fit me comfortably is a never ending delight. It so does not matter what I look like. I see very few people throughout the day. I could easily spend 23 hours out of every 24 naked and no one would know or care.

My body is shaped like a pear. When I was at regular people weight, I was a smaller pear. Now I am a way bigger pear but a pear. Store bought clothes never fit. They are way too big in the shoulders and boobs or way too small in the hips. Also the top of my arms are fat and that's a sleeve issue often.

Maybe that's why when I pull a shirt out of the closet - one that I've made for me - and slip it on and the shoulders sit right where they should and my arms have tons of room and so does my ass and it just drapes exactly as it should, I get a thrill every time.

And it seriously does not matter. I put on a shirt this morning that I made a couple of years ago and just the fit of it made me smile. I saw a hand full of people going into the pool and not even that many coming out. I saw one guy in the elevator. That is it. No one else but all day long this shirt has made me happy and comfortable. And there are a whole lot more just as fitting and comfortable in the closet and I love that. As weird as it is.

I came home from the pool and sauteed some leftover potatoes, made some bacon, toast and fried a couple of eggs and had a much better breakfast than Denny's. And I did not trip over any black sheep relatives either.

The baseball game is this afternoon so that will likely write the script for today.


Happy Birthday

There is a not at all uncommon tradition for birthdays that I only learned about on Instagram. The whole family makes breakfast a special breakfast for the birthday person and delivers it as a wakeup call with the happy birthday song.

My family was great for birthdays but we worked on low key birthday greetings all day until after dinner when we got cake and ice cream and song and presents.

One of my favorite Instagram families has an adorable little boy adopted from the Ukraine who turned 4 this morning. He's mostly non verbal with downs syndrome but he's a great communicator and totally up for being 4. His birthday video is one of my very favorites. (He bed is tented because he get extra oxygen while he sleeps.)