May 25th, 2019

holy crap.

I got shocked on my Kindle this morning...

My mom had two first cousins and a brother. The cousins lost their mother when they were little so my Grandma helped raise them. The four of them were like three brothers and a sister. The real brother was killed in World War II. My mom kept ties to Johnny and David until she died. Johnny grew up to the be very prominent ophthalmologist in Dallas and David filled his life with classical music working in a record store until he retired early to care for his elderly aunt. David never married. Johnny married Marty and had 4 kids. They always lived closed to David in Dallas and he was a part of their family.

When repressed memories were having their heyday, one of Johnny's daughters the one who was a mess anyway - then in her late 20's decided that she had a repressed memory of David molesting her when she was little. This tore the family into tiny pieces. Mom did not share details and I didn't ask but it was really horrible for all of them.


There's a Denny's not far from here. I used to eat there once in a while. Then one time I did and got food poisoning and never went back - that was about six years ago. This morning I went back. (FYI - the food has gone downhill and yes, I get the irony of complaining about food quality at Denny's.) Anyway, I was reading my book while eating my mediocre breakfast...

I've been reading this one book off and on now for a while. Elephant in the Room by Tommy Tomlinson​. He's a really big fat guy who wrote the memoir about being fat and trying to lose weight. He was a reporter and columnist at the Charlotte Observer and still lives in Charlotte. He moved there long after I left and he started work at the newspaper after my husband and all the people I knew at the Observer had been long gone. BUT I thought it would be interesting to read about someone who grew up where we did and it actually is. A really readable book.

This morning I'm reading along in the middle of Denny's and I get to a part of the book where he decides to find out how people talk about him. He sends emails to a bunch of friends asking about how they view his weight and talk about it and if they have any specific memories about his weight.

And then I get to this passage:

"It seems to never enter your mind to order the 'diet' plate," said xxx xxx, a friend in Charlotte.
xxx xxx is the exceedingly unique name of the very same daughter of Marty and John - the one who accused Cousin David of molesting her.

I paid my bill and ran home​ to a proper browser and learned that she is a grant ​w​riter at Charlotte Housing Authority​ and lives about a mile from where my ex husband and I lived.

Holy crap on a stick. Right there in Denny's. ​Wow.


I emptied 3 ottomans and a huge, deep drawer. All my yarn. I wound some by hand. I wound some on the winder (my shoulder is going to not be happy tomorrow, I'm sure). I culled out the stuff I am never going to use. Yer Welcome, Goodwill. I gathered all of the finished and nearly finished squares, octagons, flowers, strips and circles and put them all together into one of the ottomans. Maybe someday they will make a spectacular blanket if I sew them all together.

Then I arranged the other yarn and put it in another ottoman and the drawer. Then I gathered all the hooks, needles, markets, measurers, scissors and put them into the other ottoman.

I feel exhausted and accomplished. This Saturday was not wasted.

Once again, the Mariners left the tying/winning run at the plate. Sigh.

Zoey is eating me out of house and home. She normally eats the equivalent of one small can of catfood a day - I doll it out in thirds - breakfast, lunch and dinner. Today she's already had a can and a half. And if when I get up to go to the kitchen she will beg for more. She had lost a little weight and now she's putting it back on. It's getting expensive!

Now I think I'll watch last night's Jeopardy.