May 21st, 2019

Bacon and gas and a cellphone plan

That's my list for today. I need to get gas and a cellphone plan and bacon and maybe some steak. So... Costco it is! Also I think I'll go check out their pharmacy situation. According to their website, they have both mail order and in store and you can have them transfer between the two. It's at least worth looking at. I am going to need a refill of my cough pills soon-ish and that might be a good test.

And speaking of cough, I've been religious about using the mask when I'm in the danger zone (the lower level where my car is) and so far so good. I'm going to give my lungs about another week to recover and then try commando.

I heard back from the car phone mount people and basically he said that I didn't press hard enough. But, he also acknowledged that they sent the wrong piece. So, I'm encouraged that it will all get sorted one way or another eventually.

My credit card got charged for the drugs I did not want so they did not get canceled. That will be a barrel of fun to deal with once they get here. grrrrrrr

It's very cool here today (and yesterday) which is lovely and looking ahead it does not looks like it's going to get too hot soon either. Nice. And it will make my Costco walk (from the farthest point in the parking lot) more pleasant. I need to measure the distance I just pulled up a Google map and measured the distance. I thought it was a long way from where I park to the back of the store and turns out it's only .2 miles. Now I'm sorry I measured! Oh well, it's better than 0 miles, I guess. At least I don't have to fight for a parking spot out there.


Thank you, Costco!

There's a T-Mobile store 5 blocks from here but it's up a hill. There's a T-Mobile kiosk at Costco. No hill and I can get bacon and gas. So I went to Costco.

Somehow I thought they opened at 9:30. Turns out that's only on Saturdays. I got my gas. Then I tested out the car mount guy's instructions and got it to fit!! And it works fine. So Yeah!

Then I read my book til 10. It was fine and nice, actually.

Plus, it turns out, it was a brilliant choice. They wave all start up and activation fees which the Costco Kiosk Lady - aka Shawna - said they would charge me in a regular store. AND they give you a $50 Costco card! You have to wait 3+ months to get it but still. Cool.

The sign up was kind of weird and she was absolutely flumoxed by the Google Fi e-sim but we figured that part out together and it was all fine. She was good and patient and didn't badmouth anybody and agreed with my choice of the 55+ Plan and got me all set up.

I also checked out the pharmacy. It's not terribly impressive and some online reviews are not glowing but you do not have to pay in the regular checkout lines (I had this vision of being really sick and going in there to pick up medicine and standing in those lines. Nothankyou.) I'm going to give it a test. I asked Dr. Lung to send cough pill refill request to the store. We shall see.

I had two coughing fits - one small one as I got the car out and one good sized one when I bought the car back. Both times I wore a mask. Not happy about this. I had no trouble yesterday or this morning. I wonder if it's not psychosomatic! I have a couple of ideas of things to try.

I canceled my Google Fi account and am waiting now for the number to be sent back to Google Voice. It was a clear option in the cancelling process and reddit is full of people that say it works fine. But my fingers are still crossed. Most say it takes 24 hours. I'd hate to lose that phone number. I've had it for 26 years. BUT the new T-Mobile number is a good one so I'm covered if something goes wrong. It will be a PIA but ok.

I bought stakes at Costco so I need to cut them into serving sizes and freeze all the ones except the one for dinner tonight.