May 19th, 2019

Old dog... new trick!

A while back, I swam at the pool one day about mid-morning. There were a bunch of old people there just finishing up an aqua fitness class. I did my laps while they splashed around. One of them, an old guy, interrupted me and asked if I was interested in some constructive feedback. I wasn't but I was also not feeling mean so I said sure.

He told me that my legs were dragging. That my feet were no where near the top of the water and not really doing their part. I said ok. Thanks. And then spent several swims validating what he said. I could feel the difference when I purposefully moved my feet to the top of the water but ugh. work. So I went back to my draggy feet ways. But his take lingered in my brain.

Finally this morning, I took a float with me. The kind you put between your legs at the crotch. It forces your body to straighten out. I swam with it for about 5 laps and it was work. I could feel my back changing. I left it on the side of the pool and damned if I wasn't able to keep that alignment for the rest of the swim! AND as I sit here now, an hour later, I can really feel the difference in my posture. EXCELLENTE! We're going to repeat this again tomorrow. Thanks, old man!

When I got to the pool this morning, I did not have my phone. Fuck. I hate when I do that. But in the locker room when I went to take off my pants, there it was! Ok. So. All my pants are the same. Black, knit. I made them all and I have about a dozen in rotation. I created a phone sized pocket that sits in the front out of the way and under my shirt. When it's correct, I cannot even feel the phone. It took a fair number of iterations to perfect this. Whenever I make something and nail something about it - the shoulders seam perfectly aligned, the neckline seated perfectly, the length right on target, I put a safety pin in it so I can remember, next time I do that pattern, to copy what I did. The safety pin says 'THIS ONE IS PERFECT'. Clearly I got the phone pocket exactly placed in these pants, but there was no safety pin. Process fail. Fixed that the minute I got home.

When I got home this morning, my PC was showing the Black Screen of Death on two monitors. ARUGH. I hit escape and then got the message that there was no operating system. Double ugh. But, happily, a reboot fixed all. I rarely even use that PC any more. But, I'm not ready to give it up.

My car passed 30,000 miles and I missed it. But 30,033 is also a cool odometer number. It will be 8 years old in August.


I have a ticket to the game today with brunch beforehand. The Mariners have been pounded to bits by the Minnesota Twins. They have won the first three games of this home stand with double digits. I sure hope the Mariners slash their tires today. It's been brutal. But, if not, the bloody mary will be delicious, I'm sure.

Oh and wore the mask to the car and back and no coughing at all. Whew.


Fried but fine about it...

Until 3:15, my seat, on a day described by all my weather apps as "mostly cloudy", the sun fried us all. The top of my head, the back of my neck and my hands. Burnt. They gave us 8x11 three fold cardboard score keeping/team info folders and I used that to block as much of the sun as I could.

They also handed out thin but opaque infinity scarves to all the women. I had put mine at the bottom of my bag. Then I saw a woman just in front of me pull her's out and use it on her head to block the sun. DOH! Why in the hell didn't I figure that out on my own OR why in the hell didn't she figure it out sooner!

The two women who sit next to me - Erica and Julie - are going to miss the next three games. They are on vacation in the north of France. Then in July, Erica is going to live in Luxembourg for 8 or 9 months! She works for Amazon. Julie is going to stay here with the dogs. She works for the county sheriff's office. Luxembourg. I cannot imagine. I accused them both of place dropping and told them to make sure their tickets were going to be used by fun people.

We shall see! But, of course, the big news was after a string of horrible horrible losses... we won!!

Now I need to put my baseball gear away and wash the sun sweat off my face before I figure out what's for dinner. There's one of those salad kits in the fridge. I think that's going to be it.