May 16th, 2019


I've been slowly whittling away at my freezer. It was full of stuff that maybe I would eat one day leaving no room for food that I want to eat now or soon. It was so stuffed, I did not even know what was in there. The new rule is that with a few exceptions, nothing goes in there unless I'm going to eat it within a week. No more shit getting lost in there.

But, now I'm getting down to where a grocery store run is kind of needed. I think I'm going to hold off until Safeway Saturday with a quick trip to Grocery Outlet today. Mainly for tortillas and eggs. I'm out of breakfasts. And maybe I'll just stop by that new poke place and pick up lunch.

Last week the doctor prescribed ear drops. There was a snafu and I finally just said to send the prescription to Humana. Who sat on it. And finally shipped it out yesterday and now it won't get here til Monday and my ears could really use a drop or two. I may see about picking up some mineral oil which he also recommended I cold try.

I need to do a load of laundry and take the garbage down to the dumpster. Otherwise, the day is pretty much a free for all. I'd love to get a manicure but the last one was so horrible and I don't have a regular place that I trust so maybe not.

I do not feel exciting today and I'm ok with that. Baseball tonight. Line of Duty on TV. Crochet. Maybe sewing.



I just saw that IM Pei has died at age 102. Years ago, he was very old, and I worked for the real estate division of IBM for whom he designed several buildings. I was assigned to keep him company one night at a dinner for the developer. I did such a good job that I became his IBM dinner companion. I sat next to him at dinners about once every two months over the next two years. My Mom was an architecture buff and she kept me loaded up with enough info so that I could at least chat with him without sounding like a total ditz. He did have a twinkle when he smiled. And was very gracious when people sucked up to him. He was a delightful dinner companion and really needed no keeper at all but I loved the job. And was very grateful he never died on my shift.

I did go to Grocery Outlet and then to the poke place. I parked in back so that I could get some exercise walking around to the front. I got to the door and realized I'd forgotten my credit card so I got double the exercise. I got my poke and, at the cash register, I said 'oh, do you have Pay by Phone?' and whipped out my phone. As she said 'no only Apple pay' my phone dinged the ding of success. (It is very difficult to provide Apple Pay without NFC and if you have NFC, you have Google Pay as well. I've only run into one place who's 'Pay by Phone' turned out to be Apple only. I just don't go there any more.

Sadly, I chose the wrong sauce for my poke. It was way way way too spicy hot. But I did mange to get more than half by eating around it and now I know better.

The breakfast burritos I made in the past were soggy which is why I quit making them. So today I researched now to keep them from being soggy and got several good hints... use sour cream instead of milk or cream, cook the eggs until they are dry, and wait until they are cool before packing them tightly into tortillas. I have 3 in the freezer and 3 in the fridge and my fingers crossed.

I got a call a minute ago from John from Mercedes. Poor guy. He was distraught. the part came in and it was chrome and he thought my car had black mirrors, not chrome so it was the wrong part. Turns out my car has chrome mirrors but honestly, at this point, I'd be cool with magenta. Just fix the damn mirror. I told him about the annual checkup and he laughed at the timing. He asked if Monday would be ok to do it all (he doesn't work Fridays). Monday is perfect for me. He even offered me a loaner but I told him I'd rather just get a ride home and a pick up after and he said cool, cool. So. We're on for the fix Monday at 7! Yahoooooooo!

And, finally, I gave myself my first Flowbee haircut this morning. Contrary to my last forays into the Cut Your Own Hair world, this time I was exceptionally conservative. I followed the instructions and just trimmed a little here and a little there but mainly got a feel for how it goes. It is big and cumbersome to use and insanely loud but, it works! I only trimmed up the back sides which were peaking around behind my ears and driving me crazy.

Then I put everything away and sat down to watch how to Flowbee videos. I'm now better equipped for next time. I think it's absolutely worth the hassle of set up and the noise.

And finally, Mark Rober has another one of his amazing videos. This time he filled a pool full of jello. Pretty amazing and fun.