May 15th, 2019


I have a short list of stuff I'd lie to have happen today but none of it really seriously. I mean if it does, great, if not, great.

I have been messing with my phone's operating system again so I do want to go back across the street and check it at the little market's terminal. I finished up the designer ice cream last night. I don't know what delicious goodie I'll pick for the test today.

I could use some gas in the car. I could use some bacon from Costco. I have a top cut out and ready to sew. I have more ideas about the new swim suit design. Seems like I had some other ideas but they have now, apparently, left the building.

Yesterday I finally watched Bohemian Rhapsody. I can sure see how/why Freddy Mercury got that Oscar. Wow. But, I am also glad I didn't go see that in a movie theater. I would have been pretty annoyed. I don't watch a lot of movies and haven't been in a movie theater in a million years. I may break that streak this fall but maybe not. I do want to see the Downton Abbey movie and I think seeing it in a theater might be worth the effort.

I just saw this on Twitter - Periods! Why These 8th-Graders Aren't Afraid To Talk About Them. And I love it so much. Just the very idea of talking about periods casually and by eighth graders just makes me happy. I was in my early 20's when the book Our Bodies Ourselves first came out. My friends and I bought copies in secret and devoured them. Sentence after sentence. Diagram after diagram. Stuff we all had wondered about for years and never knew before and never even talked about before. That book was a touch stone. We got together and finally talked about all of it openly and with lots of giggling and it was amazing. Now 14 year olds are publishing discussions for everyone to hear about the very basic stuff we were still whispering about in our 30's. Wonderful

I am having real internet issues this morning and I can't noodle out why. My connection seems solid but I keep getting slow loading of stuff. Grrrr Maybe that's the message that I should go do something else for a while.

I was thinking about my tiny room projects this morning. I seem to have lost the lust for it. But I haven't given up yet. I am hesitant to drag it all out again before I am ready. I want to keep doing it but only if it holds my interest so my current plan is to extend its hiatus until the passion strikes me again.

No baseball today. I think I'll go hang up my swimsuit and get dressed and decide what happens next after that.


A different kind of ice cream

Turns out, I did very little today but what I did do counted. I bought these Keen sandals a couple of weeks ago. They fit everywhere but the back heel strap just barely fits around my heel and sometimes pops open.

I've been conjuring on a fix and as I put them on this morning, I thought. Heck yeah, let's do it. So I cut the back strap in two and sewed the halves onto an inch of elastic. I even had elastic the right shade of blue! I sewed on strap on backwards and had to pick out the stitching and redo it. Then did the other shoe and made the same goddamn mistake! Geesh. BUT now, the shoes fit much better, the back strap doesn't pop off and I can pretty much put them on and take them off without having to use my hands. Happppppppppy!

Then I went to the shop in the next block and found more ice cream and tested my phone. It gave me an error but I figured out what the issue was, fixed it and BAM! The phone paid up. Victory.

They are finally putting a key fob system into our building. And it appears as if there will not be a special assessment for it. Which is lovely except they will likely hit us up for something else instead. Wiring a 100 year old building is not trivial. (There is a system that hooks up via WiFi but ensuring a solid signal without zero fails in a building with 18" wooden beams throughout is just the definition of dicey.) They are saying 3 weeks, so I'm guessing 5. I just hope the fob isn't too big. My car key fob is already a handful.

Trader Joe's Orange Chicken for dinner. Yum.