May 9th, 2019

Medically Boring

My doctor declared me medically boring. Fat but boring. My blood pressure was lower than ever. He gave me a prescription for some stuff for my ears. He told me to follow a low fat, low cholesterol diet (but, this time, it was clear he knew he was just checking the box and had no chance of making it happen). He remembered to ask about my cat. I noticed he'd upgraded his Apple watch and watchband. We air kissed and said we'd do it again next year.

I came home and claimed my $25 wellness bonus from my stupid insurance's website. And picked up another $25 for exercising at least 8 days a month. I reordered my prescriptions from Humana Pharmacy but their website is so consumer friendly I cannot tell whether or not the ones he refilled today are actually ordered. The website won't let me order them so I assume they are but who the fuck knows with those yahoos and pigs will fly with passengers before I call them on the telephone.

I did get him to send the ear prescription to the onsite pharmacy. But, they don't open til 9 so I'll go get them today, tomorrow or next week.

So... all is good and my week of obligations is now fulfilled and I'm free!!

There may be sewing. There probably will be crochet and baseball. I don't even need to go out for lunch. I have three delicious options right here ready to step up to the plate (see what I did there??).

It's supposed to get to the 80's today so my shades are down in hopes of keeping cool. Fortunately, I face east so my noon, I won't even be sun attacked. I am enjoying a deliciously cool iced tea which will be my drink of choice for the next 5 months.


Back peddling

I put the next Android version on my phone. It's in beta. I had a couple of minor issues. The next release came out and there are more issues. And then I could no longer use Google Pay. We're still several months away from the official release and I give up. So now I'm rolling my phone back to the the stable version. I like to wipe my phone and start from scratch again every six months or so anyway and it was time.

So that's this afternoon's party.

I did get yesterday's top finished. And did a load of laundry. Zoey has turned into the vomit queen. Every other day, I'm cleaning up after her. Today's find was the blanket I use to keep cat hair off the bed she likes to sleep on. So I washed it and filled in the load from the dirty clothes hamper. I'll do the rest another day.

I bought some swimsuit fabric on Etsy the other day. It arrived today and it's gorgeous!


I don't really need a new suit right now but I may make it anyway because I just love this fabric so much.

ooops Just hit an issue with the phone. One of my apps that I use every night - a nice bedside clock - is no more. Sigh. I found it on an old phone that I keep as a backup. I was able to extract an APK so now I have a workable copy but, I also found a different one that does the same thing and actually a little better. So issue no more.

Phone all done. And squeaky clean now. I think tomorrow, I'll take it over to Grocery Outlet or maybe Trader Joes and make sure the Google Pay works.