May 8th, 2019


When I turned on the car after my swim, the check engine light stayed on. WTF? Really???? I drove home while thinking about it. First, NFW did I want to go back to the Mercedes place before that part comes in but a check engine light isn't going to wait two weeks to a month. Then I remembered feeling a little hitch in the car's giddyup yesterday. Then I remembered the error code I got last time the check engine light came on (last year). It was a missfire code. I cleared it and never saw it again.

So, when I got here, I looked for that app I used last time... and checked the code and, yep, same one. Cleared it. I think we can wait til that part comes in. Whew.

In other failure news, one of my shower shoes had a blowout. Well, it's still functional but not for long. Time to hunt down another pair. I do have a back up pair so this crisis isn't critical either.

Today is house cleaner day. So I'll be making a Goodwill run - I have a bag full of donation and plans to drop in the store to see what's new - and, possibly, a grocery store stop. Or maybe I'll just find a shady spot in the Goodwill parking lot and read my book. This oh-so-trashy read about The View is getting good... and oh-so-trashy.

Audio-ly, I'm reading JoJo Moyes' latest - The Peacock Emporium. It's just wonderful in many many ways. The story is intriguing but the way she uses words is just symphonic. I may have to listen twice. Once for the plot and once just for the word melodies.

Oh my beta operating system on my phone got another update and now my 1 second a day app works again. Nice.

This old building (built as a railroad warehouse in 1909) takes a long time to heat up in the Spring. We can have a week of hot weather outside and it's still very cool in here. So far, it's still very cool in here and that might last through the weekend. I hope. The downside, of course, is that once it does heat up, the building will hold on to that heat way past the time it finally cools down outside. But, for now, I'm enjoying.


New rules

IF no pockets, shirt goes to Goodwill. No exceptions. When I first began the Replace All Store Bought Clothes project, I was so focused on fit - shoulder seams, etc. I didn't add pockets unless the pattern called for them. Most patterns don't even give you that option for reasons I cannot fathom.

And once I realized the problem, I fixed it. I add at least one pocket to every single thing I make (except teddy bears and swimsuits). A lot of summer shirts are going to not make the cut so it's time to get back into production.

I fell into it a little this morning. Several weeks ago I cut out a top and never sewed it. So I went to dig that out before the house cleaner arrived and in the course of trying to figure out what I intended to do, I just started assembling the pieces. I'll finish up tomorrow. But the bug has bit so more pockets will be created! Also I found a great sheet at Goodwill that will make a great top.

I popped into Uwajimaya while I was out and scored big in the REDUCED section of their premade items. I got lunch today, dinner tonight and lunch tomorrow. Plus eggrolls, an apple and a tomato for $20. I was pretty jazzed. Until I went to pay and discovered that the latest beta update on my phone incapacitated Google Pay. I had to go back out to the car to get an old fashioned credit card. Sigh.

A guy on Reddit says that he reset his phone back to the regulation operating system and then did the beta again and that brought Google Pay back. That's a lot of shenanigans to jump through on the word of one rando. I think I'll wait for corroborating evidence.

Now I think I'll dig out one of my favorite top patterns and cut into that sheet. While I wait for the baseball game to start.

Zoey settling in on the latest blanket. (She threw up on it last week so I already know that it launders beautifully.)