April 11th, 2019

Early birds

I'm installing the Android Q beta on my phone. I'm feeling a techy/gadget jones and this is a cheap solution. I haven't read anything about Q that compels me to try it but I haven't read anything that discourages me either. I usually sign up for the beta as soon as it's available but didn't this time for no particular reason.

Also early is today's baseball game - 10:15 am. I'm perfectly fine with that. We're playing really good baseball right now. It will not last so I'm just enjoying it while we've got it.

Plus I have my latest blanket project in full swing. Here's the progress so far.


The colors are garish and, I'm not sure I'm going to like them in the finished product but it's fun to work on and way more fun than dull colors so okdokey. The pattern is fabulous. I'm learning new stuff which makes it even funner. Plus this is one that just grows and grows - no pieces or piecing so ... yeah!

I'm reading the most interesting book. That Good Night by Sunita Puri. It's about her experiences as a palliative care doctor. I'm fascinated by the topic but she has the most pleasant writing voice.

Also I'm sucked into the latest Jeopardy champion. I record the show every night and watch it, usually, with only half interest. Sometimes I'm very good with the answers and sometimes, I'm a total idiot. But, the betting is something I'd never get right. This guy on now is a professional gambler and he's parlayed those skills, combined with a wide berth of trivia knowledge into some handsome cash. He's one of the most interesting of the often pretty darned interesting candidates they've had in a while.

And finally... the washer/dryer. I still love them so much and so much more than the set they replaced. But, yes, the lack of beeps is getting to me. Neither the washer or the dryer has any notification at all. And while the beeping of the old set drove me nuts, not know when stuff is finished is kind of getting to me.

A few weeks ago, I got an email from Wyse. Wyse is a weird little company here in Seattle that makes really excellent home cams that are crazy cheap. The only downside is that they have no web interface so no way to share publicly. They have an app and with it you can pan and zoom and see history and all for $30.

Meanwhile, this email touted new goodies. A Wyze Sense Starter kit for $20. NO brainer. I ordered one immediately. With zero clue what really even was or how I would use it. I have no use for monitoring doors. BUT, it's Wyze and so why not.

Then yesterday, I saw this on Twitter. I'll be able to install the sensors on my washer and dryer and my phone will tell me when they are done!!!! SO. jazzed.

And, p.s. Yesterday I posted a little entry about popular stuff I'd never seen or read. I was surprised at the number of comments. And fascinated. It was really interesting to me that several people assumed (with no evidence) that I had been criticized or regarded unfavorably for these choices. Only one person indicated that I might be cheating myself out of some good stuff. Again no judgment, just interesting.


Just chickens and babies

I picked up a package of Trader Joe's Just Chicken on Saturday. It's what appears to be what you get when cut all the meat off of the breasts and maybe a wing or two of one chicken.

I had two (very delicious) sliced chicken sandwiches from it earlier in the week. Then today I made 3 pot pies and enough chicken salad for two lunches. I don't remember what it cost but what ever it was, I feel like I got my money's worth.

I'm having one of the pot pies for dinner and I hope it's at least half as good as I think it will be. Chicken, onions, mushrooms, artichoke hearts, chicken broth, cream, rosemary, thyme, salt, pepper and a little all purpose flour. I think it will be perfection so I may well be setting myself up for disappointment.

Speaking of which, the Mariners are losing. Which is amazing even that it is amazing. Could turn, it's only the 5th but still. Losing. Wow. I'm watching TV and the OhSoAnnoyingAnnouncer is being Oh So Annoying. He's usually on radio but occasionally they switch him to TV to remind me how lucky we are to have the regular guy most of the time.

My LJ friends feed this morning is just baby chipper. One friend finally has what looks like to be their first trauma free foster situation with a 3 month old. They found out at 7 am that they would be getting the baby. What a day that must be for them. I'm so delighted for them. That baby is so lucky.

And the very next entry is a picture of a positive pregnancy test from someone who so much wants to be pregnant. Please please please let that test result be correct for her.

(And, by the way, what a miracle it is to me... drug store pregnancy tests. I know they have been around forever but my tubes were tied (MY CHOICE!) before the age of enlightenment.)