April 10th, 2019

back in the saddle again

Today is house cleaning day and boy, does it ever need it.

And my errand list is healthy. I need to stop at the library and pick up a book and then on to the little grocery in the next block. My idea of grocery shopping once a week has a few holes in it. Need to plug those. Then I need to get gas and, if she's still cleaning, I'll kill the rest of the time at Goodwill.

My credit card bills from the birthday weekend have all caught up and now been paid. My estimate of how much I'd need to set aside was pretty much spot on. So all is now calm in finance land. And my cash back bonus was nice and healthy.

Last night I had a lamb chop that was left over from one of the birthday meals we had at a restaurant I had not tried before. Cyndi (nephew's wife) ordered the lamb chops and they looked good that night. But, man, was that one last night tasty! Cooked to perfection and just delicious. That restaurant goes into the rotation for sure.

I also made scalloped potatoes from One Dish Kitchen. They were very easy and pretty good. I love her recipes but I hate her website. Sooooo many ads and sooooooo much unneeded discussion. I don't care about your personal history with scalloped potatoes or even how you feel about them. Just gimme the recipe with 15 fewer pop up ads and I'll be grateful. In fact, if you offer up a paid version with no ads, I'll gladly hand over the cash. My potato was too big so I have enough for dinner tonight.

I just discovered that my viewing procrastination has paid off. The two movies I want to see - Bohemian Rhapsody and The Favourite are now available to rent at $6 each. The last time I checked, the first was $16 and the second one was not even available. I still don't have time to watch them so maybe by the time I do, they will be on the bargain shelf.

I have books stacked up to read on my Kindle and audiobooks in the queue and Tivo is full plus there is baseball most every night now. It's amazing to me how I can have all day every day to do just whatever it is I want to do and still not have enough time. I think that math is broken somehow.

So for right now, I'm going to go through the house and make sure nothing is in the way to prevent house cleaning and then I'm going to sit down with one of those books until she gets here.


I have never

I have never watched Game of Thrones.
I have never played a game on an XBox or a Playstation.
I read chapter 1 of the first Harry Potter book but no more of any of them.
I've never seen a Harry Potter movie.
I've never seen a Star Wars movie.
I've never seen a Marvel movie.
I have never seen more than a snippet of Star Trek (any generation).
I've never seen more than the first Dr. Who episode.
I've never seen or read any of the Lord of the Rings.