April 8th, 2019

Best team in baseball = Mariners

So strange but ok by me. It won't last. It never does. But, here we are, nearly 2 weeks in and the Mariners have better numbers than any other team in baseball. Freaky. The Red Sox finally won their 3rd game of the season yesterday. I think they pulled it out as a birthday present to my nephew. The Mariners play Kansas City tonight at 5. Not my favorite morning game but better than 7.

This morning I did some meal planning while I swam. It's so lovely to have that hour of just think time. I use it to plan stuff, to remember stuff, and sometimes just to listen to the music. This morning I realized I needed some thyme, rosemary and celery. I thought maybe I'd make a fast run through the 24 hour Safeway after my swim but then thought some more and realized I can wait until Wednesday when the house cleaner is here.

Also I noodled out some questions about my next sewing project. A fleece vest. I want to try out some special elastic trim and I want a light weight vest mostly for around-the-house wear. I have all the bits for one right here. And a pattern I want to try out as well. So that's next.

I have no place I have to go and lots to occupy me so happy camper here.


LJ in my kitchen and I'm grateful

This is a thank you note to two people. But I don't know who. But I know they are on LJ.

Somebody posted a while back about getting a new popcorn popper - this one:

I bought one and love it. Love it. I had popcorn for lunch today and it reminded me that I never said thank you. So, whoever you are, I hope you see this. Thank you!!

The other person read about my lasagna woes and suggested Trader Joe's. I tried Trader Joe's lasagna years ago and didn't remember it as being that good but. I got some this weekend and tried it tonight and I think it has legs for sure. It's dryer than I like but I think I can fix that. Mainly, it's easy and fast and one tray is exactly two dinners for me. The second one is now in the freezer ready for when I get hit with a lasagna jones.

Thank you!

I had a lovely day. I made the vest and it is fine for around the house. I tried to follow the directions but they were whack. Next time I'll use the pattern and my common sense. I'll bet it turns out way better.

The Mariners are having a rough start so I need to end this and concentrate on helping them.