April 4th, 2019

Still missed

Even more people, at the gym today, asked me where I had been and if I was ok. Seriously, I've been going there for years assuming I was pretty much invisible. It's a bit of a shock to learn that I am not. Also kind of nice.

Today is a baseball day. The game is in Chicago and it's an afternoon game which means it's on here at 11 am. I am perfectly fine with that. It's a benefit of living on the left coast.

I am a fair amount of time before the game starts so I think I'm going to head back to the sewing room. It will either be new swim suit or more bears. I still have so much stuffing to use and fabric stash to make disappear. I think I'll be making teddy bears forever.

Flickr is broken at the moment so no pool selfie... it was the cactus suit today.

Left overs

Fascinating miniature building

My latest tiny project is still in the closet for now. But, one of the people I follow on Instagram, just finished hers which was NOT made from a kit. She video'd a good bit of it and it's fascinating. A teeny tiny sewing room. On her Instagram page, she has 3 black circles. Start with 1. It really is amazing what she did.


There is a couple who have lived down the hall for about the last 20 years. They have no kids, only birds. They both worked for Boeing for their entire lives. She retired about when I did (2014) and he retired a couple of years ago. They are rather odd ducks but nice neighbors. I ran into him the other day and he told me that they had been on that Viking cruise that hit weather off the coast of Norway and they got pulled off the ship by helicopter! He said it was amazing and so frightening. BUT... he just as quickly began to tell me how wonderful the people in Norway were and the people at Viking.

They had been on the ship for 9 days and had 6 more to go. The ship made it to port after they were taken off and they were able to get all their belongings. Then they went to London for three days.

Viking paid for it all - every bit. Every penny they had paid for the trip. The entire side trip to London. AND they now have vouchers for a net new Viking cruise.

They consider the whole thing like winning the vacation lottery. He just bubbles with joy when he talks about it. I'm so delighted for them.


I made a swim suit this morning and then settled in to watch the game only to discovered that it was postponed. BLEG. Why don't these stadiums build roofs! I watched some of the Boston game... it's hard for me to get involved in teams that aren't mine. Turns out 2 of Boston's 3 runs were in the first inning when Oakland walked a guy with the bases loaded... twice. Boston lost again. I think we may have broken them.