April 1st, 2019

Quiet day today

After breakfast, my brother took the kids to the airport. I did two loads of laundry and got a lot of little things done around here. Then he and I wandered over to Tat's for lunch.

Now he's sleeping and I'm catching up on stuff. We're going up to my favorite Chinese place tonight and then he leaves in the morning and it's back into the real world of me.

We did a whole lot of walking while everyone was here. Until yesterday, I did more than 12,000 steps every day without swimming. My feet are killing me and my hips are having a hard time but my back, which often aches, feels fine. Wild.

I do know that I need to buy walking shoes regardless. I need to buy them and wear them and that will help the feet and the hips both. Zappos order in. Probably be here tomorrow.

Tonight plans are to watch the baseball game after dinner and nothing else.