March 22nd, 2019


One of the gym regulars - a non swimmer - told me this morning that there was another car just like mine in the parking lot yesterday. "identical except no flower". I have a solar flower on my dashboard. Really, one just like mine? I only know of one that is close in the area - someone in one of the farther out suburbs. So I am most curious about this other car. The gym guy did say that I was still his favorite so there is that.

I finished an audiobook last night - I picked it because it was the first in a series that looked like it had promise. It went from ok, this could get better, to holy, crap... put that hammer away, I get it. Have you ever met subtle? And this was exacerbated by a horrible reader. I listen to books all the time. A good reader can save a book but, honestly, to me, the best reader is one you don't notice. This guy was so bad.... Audible lets you search by reader so I went to check to make sure I didn't accidently buy another one by him and, turns out, he's done a basckillion audiobook. WTF? How is that possible. Oh well. (Supreme Justice - written by Max Allan Collins - read by Dan John Miller - if you are looking to avoid.)

Today will be a sewing day. I have a new top cut out and ready to be put together. Then I need to tidy up that sewing room. And then I need to tuck it all away and turn it into a guest room. My nephew and his wife will be staying at the hotel a block over but my brother, who arrives Tuesday, will be staying here.

There is some kind of motor noise going on that has been going on for about an hour over in the stadium. I just looked and it's the Monster Energy Supercross event that will be going on all weekend. Oh joy. I just shut the door and whew is that better. I sure hope it doesn't get too warm here this weekend. It will be far more pleasant without hearing non stop engine racing noise.

In addition to the sewing room project, I have the UW project homework. This involved my making some short videos. I made two of the four only to realize that vertical videos are lame. So I needed to redo horizontally. But, my phone has two front facing cameras and I could not figure out where to set my eyes so that in the video it looks like I'm talking to the audience. Finally a guy on Twitter helped me figure it out. I need to redo those today - and maybe finish up or at least get the third one done.

And a walk.


Productive but...

This project for the University design team involves making 4 short videos. They are all done except one. I have the two pieces shot but getting them merged is dragging out. It's because I'm near the end and I'm ready to be done. I think there is very little more tedious and annoying than video editing. Especially when it's me talking. I'm sick of hearing myself.

I did make the top out of the fabric that paints itself in the sun. Can't wait to wear it ... in the sun!

I went out for my walk this morning and got hit with a huge attack of the shin splints - both shins. OWIE. I decided it was my shoes. So I came home and fired up Zappos and ordered a bunch. I'm not sure any of them will work. My feet are so picky. But, we'll know on Monday - or worst case, Tuesday.

Fortunately, it's been nice enough to have the door closed all day so no monster engine roars.

I'm totally uninspired about dinner. I may just have Trader Joe's Orange Chicken... again. I'm sure I'm going to get tired of that soon but not yet. It's so good and soooooo easy.

The video finally merged and I got it uploaded and copied over to where I needed them all to be an and email sent off with the info. Finito! Done! Finished!! Yeah!