March 18th, 2019


My phone, my watch and my swimming music player were all out of juice this morning so everyone is now charging. The phone has the fastest charging in the world so it's winning the charging race. But the watch is quickly grabbing the number 2 slot.

Oh, I just got an email from my real estate search that the condo, downstairs, of my friend, the realtor, has a pending offer. At last. Her unit is really beautifully done and she's such a nice woman. There have been 3 units for sale now for a while after a year of these things being fought over and bought at ridiculous prices. One of those for sale is decorated in a weird gothic style and priced way way way too high. One has no style and priced too high and then there is my friend's. She dropped the price once but then has held open houses every single Saturday and Sunday now for weeks. She must be whipped. She's moving out to the burbs to be closer to grandchildren. I do hope she got a good offer. But, at least now she has one anyway. Oh and another one of these units went on sale just last week.

I finally got to the end of my yarn on my afghan and finished it off. I'm quite pleased with it and, turns out, it's works really nicely on my orange chair!


Now I need to find something else to knit or crochet. I could pick up one of the several projects I have abandoned. Or start something new... Oh, Inspiration? Where art thou?

The painters are supposed to be here this morning to paint my terrace ceiling where they patched the hole that they cut out to see where the leak was coming from. The leak that I first reported to the HOA in the Summer of 2016. Yes, finally. Of course, they said they would be here at 8. It's now 8:45 and I haven't heard a peep so far. Shocking. Yeah. nope.

However, once they get that done, then, finally, I'll be able to get out there and do a really good cleaning and set everything back up again so it looks nice instead of neglected. I have indoor/outdoor carpet out there - it hides much of the city grime and feels good on my feet and looks nice. I was thinking I'd replace it with new but I think now I'll give it a good vacuum and see if I can get another year out of it.

The weather peops say it's going to get above 70 degrees today (21 c) which is way too hot for March but then we've already had way to cold and snowy this March so why the fuck not. I'm trying to get a feel for Celsius. So many folks I read every day are Celsius people and when they discuss their weather, I never know if they are freezing or frying. So I'm trying to learn. I need to find a weather widget for my phone that shows both.

I'm also learning mm's and cm's, thanks to my tiny room work. All of the instructions and measurements for them are in centimeters. I finally got a good little meter ruler that has helped enormously. Bits of meters make so much more sense than bits of inches, feet or yards.

One last thing charging. Time to go hang up my suit.


Chore day!

The ceiling painting guys finally arrived. They were really nice and very efficient. They finished up about noon. I went out to walk and pick up lunch. By the time I got back and ate the lunch, Amazon arrived with my order which was one of those super high industrial face hazmat masks.

The terrace accumulates city dust like crazy. Every time I do anything out there - except sit and watch the world go buy - I get horrible cough attack. I try to keep my exposure at a minimum but this time I decided to try a gas mask.

Worked great! I washed all four windows. I picked up the leaves from The Tree That I Hate (which, for my enjoyment, seems to toss leaves onto my terrace all year around). I cleaned off the table and chairs and moved the planter back out onto the table and vacuumed up the carpet.

It looks great!!



I told the building manager that work on the inside repair needs to wait until after April 1. I forgot to designate what year. That oversight will likely come back and bite me in the ass.