March 14th, 2019


I got an amazing deal on 80 k-cups of coffee at Grocery Outlet the other day. Only it turned out to flawed. The coffee has a weird after flavor. I thought it was maybe my imagination and/or temporary tongue issue, but, no, now after 4 cups of the stuff I can say that I wasted $20 on that deal. But, I'm going back today to get another brand/flavor because the price is good and, honestly, I'm not that coffee picky. Just sometimes.

It was pointed out to me on Instagram that Zoey needs a Mariners bow tie. Well, DOH! Of course she does. I can't believe I didn't see it myself. So, of course, that will be the first item of business today. I need to find my Mariners fabric scraps and a bell but I'm pretty sure that's totally doable.

There really is no have-to-do's today. I'm feeling rather in charge of stuff and it's a nice feeling.

I got a wild hair, the other day, to look up my grandparent's house on Redfin. Sadly, it's not been for sale for so long that there is precious little info on it and no inside photos. I'd love to see some pictures. I did mark it so they will send me notice of any change. I have similar setups for houses I grew up in/lived in/been in.

I have a million thoughts/ideas swirling around in my head and non is landing long enough to write about interestingly so I think I'm just going to go get dressed, hang up my swim suit and get cracking on a Seattle Mariners bow tie collar for a cat


People who make me better or badder

I have a friend, Jon. We spent some formative years together (mainly our late 20's/early 30's). We haven't lived in the same town since and we haven't even kept up with each other. He and his boyfriend/partner of 30+ years live in LA. The last time I saw Jon was when he and Page and a friend of ours and me all went to Las Vegas for the weekend to celebrate my 50th birthday. We had a fabulous time but after that just kind of lost touch.

Anyway, Jon is in this entry because he was one person in my life who always always always brought out the very best of me. The funniest me, the wittiest me, the nicest me... the me I'd really like to be. I was always that me around Jon.

I'm reminded of Jon today because of our building manager - Jathan. Jathan always always always brings out the worst in me. It wasn't always so. In fact, after a brief trial period, I went out of my way to recommend Jathan for the job of building manager. And he has not been our worst building manager but probably close. Every time I have any kind of interaction with him - on the phone, via email or in person, it's always annoyingly unsatisfying. And I just want to either slap him up the head or shake him until his brain gets right again in his head.

And even though by now - he's been here 18 months - I know he's going to piss me off, I cannot seem to steel myself so that I do not react to his stupidity. And it pisses me off.

He absolutely and routinely brings out the worst in me and that pisses me off, too.

Kind of weird and uncool that someone who spends so little time around people at all, is so defined by some of them.