March 11th, 2019


The researchers from the University of Washington are coming back today. I thought they were coming at 9:30 but I just checked and they won't be here til 10. Somehow that extra 30 minutes feels like way more and a relief. I am looking forward to their visit but I want to get dressed first.

They are designers and are working on data collection - how we collect and use data mostly in the home. Initially they came and talked to me for a long time about how I collect and use data whether it's via Google or Alexa or handwritten jots. Then they gave me things to think about and report back. They came a second time with more questions and a set of exercises about data collection and retrieval. Today I think they are coming with some kind of gizmo. And I do love gizmos.

One is a doctor and the other is one of her students/research assistants. They are both in their early 30's or younger, I would guess, and perfectly delightful. It's been really fun and interesting so far and I'm looking forward to seeing them.

I did remember to turn on the heater so I don't freeze them out.

I honestly do not care whether we have daylight saving time all year or not. I would prefer that we not switch back and forth but only so I don't have to listen to the bitching about it. But, really I don't care. Washington is one of those states seriously considering putting an end to the switching but I think picking a side is going to trip them up. Most everyone is fine with not switching, not everyone is on team DST. I'm pretty much on team Whatever.

While everyone else in the world is all Game of Thrones this week, I'm all Martin Clunes. He has a new series out today on Acorn - Manhunt. I'm looking forward to seeing it. I notice a lot of regular TV shows are already airing season finales. That used to happen in May... guess they are doing a big Spring Forward. It's fine, really. Soon I'll be stuck watching baseball every day and have precious little time for episodic TV of any kind.

Now it's time to get crackin' or at least get dressed.



I just went into the bathroom to pee only to discover that my toilet seat was sprinkled with cat litter. WTF??? The toilet seat is a bidet seat and is heated and so I get that some cats might find it pleasing to sit on and I have caught Zoey there and I'm ok with that BUT forcrapsake, clean up after yourself, bitch!

I'm really kind of depressed to report that after 5 days of walking, today did not feel like nearly the chore that the previous four days have. I walked around the block and then walked some more. My hips did not hurt like yesterday. My back did not hurt like all the other days. I still think it's boring and stupid but I guess at least I can be grateful that it's not boring, stupid and hurtful. I had kind of intended to use sore hips and back as excuses to stop if it got bad. oh well.

The UW researchers were here and fun as always. They left me objects. I'm to imaginate (my word, not theirs - they are whip smart) each as a sensor and do a product video of some kind. I already have ideas for each and after I do those, I might do more. I actually have two ideas for one already. The objects are specifically for me which is fun. One is crocheted. One is made from soft fabric pieces. One is very brightly colored transparent plastic pieces that snap together. And then one is a teeny tiny version of those plastic pieces! Once I do the currently planned videos. I must think of something to do with one or more of my teeny tiny rooms and these pieces.

Holy fuck! I just saw in the New York Times twitter feed, that Lawrence Ferlinghetti is still alive! Wow! Soon to be 100 years old. If you had asked me five minutes ago, I would have guessed he died at 100 years old, 25 years ago! Wow. Ha! Even the Times article says 'he looked old when he was young' - ok so I'm not alone in my thinking there. (For anyone scratching their head, he is a poet, painter, social activist who, a biscillion years ago, opened up San Francisco's City Light bookshop.

I just looked on my calendar to see what I was missing and I see that Wednesday is the anniversary of the day I brought Zoey home here to live. The vet said she was about 4 at the time. And that was 2013.

Now she designs her own menus and makes me do the shopping and demands that I clean out her litter box and now my toilet seat but, hey, she's a fine kitty. I'd get a better photo but she's in the middle of one of her million naps in the bed she keeps here by my chair.


I'm guessing she'll be wanting me to clean all the cat hair out of that bed, soon.