March 9th, 2019


I woke up this morning and didn't want to go to the pool. So I debated for a while and the no swimming side won. I toyed with going back to sleep and then remembered I could get to Luna Park Cafe before it got too crowded to get in and, even, maybe find a place to park. So I fucked around a little, got dressed and headed out.

Sure enough, there was a parking space and my favorite table was just waiting for me.


I had a delicious breakfast, good hot coffee and read my book. It was luxurious. Then I went to Safeway to get cookies and they didn't have any. Fuck. So I got back in the car and went to the other Safeway. SCORE!!! I also got ham for sandwiches but that's it.

Usually on Saturday mornings, I swim, shop and then come home and eat breakfast. This means I am trolling the aisles of the grocery store when I am hungry enough to eat the guy sweeping the floor. I end up paying good $$ for stuff I really don't need/want. Today was much more efficient.

I woke up last night with a really sharp, hurtful pain right in the middle of my torso. It hurt a lot! I rolled over on my back to evaluate. It didn't feel like a heart attack but how the hell do I know what a heart attack feels like? I thought about the dirty dishes in the kitchen sink. There are only two but really, I'd like to die with my kitchen clean. Bizarre, I know. It started to ease up a bit and I decided that if I was going to die before I wake, I might as well get some rest first. (You get no logic when you wake me up before I'm ready.) And I went back to sleep. This morning the pain was totally gone.

Also last night I dreamed that I was at work in a pod with two other people and I was listening to something on my phone without earphones in. About the time I realized how rude I was being, they very kindly asked me to stop. I felt terrible. I thought I'd get them each an Amazon gift card as an apology. And considered where I could pick up a couple quickly.

On my way to the checkout this morning at Safeway, I thought "Oh! I'll bet I can get those Amazon cards here!!" Fortunately I came to my sense before I bought any.

It was a busy night.

Ok, so. While slacking off from swimming is one thing, I'm still on the march to walk every day until I'm 70 so I did not even take my boots off when I came in. Today I'm going to walk down to the baseball park. There's an ATM there and I need cash.